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Thanks for having me, I'm a few post short of being able to embed videos which I love doing X} it's a good way to back up ones views and opinions so hopefully I'll reach the ten post today.


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Looking forward to seeing the videos when I can. Sometimes I have no problems with the videos, and can watch them. All that's going on in the world I'm sure you'll have no problem in making the required amount of posts. :)


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I'm brand new to the site, but I'm no stranger to UFOs. I've been interested in, studying and teaching about UFO's since the famous Roswell crash in 1947. (Yep, I'm that old.) I live in Illinois near St. Louis, but I also have a condo near Scottsdale, AZ. This allows me to attend the annual UFO conference held at the Ft. McDowell Hotel and Resort in Fountain Hills, AZ and stay as long as I want. I've had a career in law enforcement which has given me some inside contacts and information regarding UFOs. I'm still absolutely amazed that so many people are totally blind ("hypnotized?") to the reality of UFOs and alien visitation. But, I do try to be civil.

Linda Brown

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I understand that the conference in Fountain Hills is a very successful and informative UFO "enthusiasts" gathering. I hope someday our paths might cross there. Linda

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Hi all, I guess this is where I'm supposed to say hi. I'm Ryan. I'm new. Obviously. Found you all when searching the web. About me: Nothing much, I'm into UFO's and Drumming. Not much of a sharer, but you guys seem pretty cool.


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Hi, I am English but live in Malta. I do what is possible to spread the word about Jim Humble and MMS,
not to mention the wonderful Kerri Rivera, and her work with Jim to cure autistic children.
I would like to bring to everybody's attention for everything you need to know about health,
and particularly the dangers and uselessness of vaccination.
Any disbelievers just google "unvaccinated children are healthier".
Finally, for the real evidence of the way we are all being manipulated, I beg everyone to read this book.
At the moment it is a free download By David ICKE.
"And the Truth will set you free", then go to "The Biggest Secret"


Welcome malltajon I have read both those books and I am glad to see others are reading them too.

Thanks for joining and glad to have you on the site!


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Hey guys!

I am a Yoga teacher, Writer & Moon Worshipper from Berlin, Germany. I stumbled over this site on my research about witchcraft... after travelling through Mexico for a couple of months, many people over there kept on telling me: "Eres una bruja" which means "you're a witch". I've always been into the mystical and unseen, yet I wouldn't consider myself a real witch (not yet)... So I started to investigate what a BRUJA is really all about and found this site here and decided to become part of the community.

Love, light & blessings!



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Hello everyone! I've studied paranormal and Fortean subjects since I was about 7 or 8 years old. That makes 35 years now. I have a library of thousands of books of all kinds. I will admit my main interest is the UFO phenomenon. I'm well versed in most cases that have been written about. I look forward to meeting new people that enjoy the same interests and would love to share info and ideas. Thank you for the welcome! Cheers everyone!