[Help!] What are some natural at home remedies to help my skin and hair?



I want silky nice hair and clean beautiful skin. i know there are some natural ingredients that can be bought/found around the house but I don't know which ones adn what to do with them.



Here you go Xandra

Dry skin is primarily caused due to a lack of natural oils (sebum) being secreted by the pores of the skin. It may also be caused due to an insufficient intake of water and other fluids. Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals can also result in dry skin. An improper or insufficient diet may also lead to dry skin. Prolonged exposure to the sun or prolonged submersion in water, especially sea water, can also dry out your skin.

Remedies for Dry Skin

There are a number of simple home remedies that can be used to combat dry skin. Let us take a look at some of them.

• The best way to ensure that your skin doesn’t become dry is to keep it moisturized. Use a moisturizing cream and apply it liberally over the affected areas of your skin, especially after you bathe.

• A hot water bath may feel wonderful in the winters, but it also dries out your skin more than normal water. Keep these hot water baths to a minimum or apply some body oil before you bathe so that your skin doesn’t lose all its precious moisture.

• An occasional bath in milk is a royal treat and also does wonders for dry skin.

Other Suggestions for Dry Skin

These tips will ensure that your skin stays moist and supple in the coldest of days.

• Smoking is an absolute no-no when you’ve got dry skin. Smoking further dries out the skin and makes it parched and leathery.

• Avoid keeping the temperature setting in your room too high. Also use a humidifier to keep the air moist.

• Harsh chemicals such as those used in detergents and soaps can really play havoc with your skin. Use natural soaps to bathe and wear gloves when you’re washing dishes or clothes.

And for your hair ...There is a great Natural Shampoo Called Tee Tree No chemicals it's all Natural tea leaf Oil.... By Paul Mitchell sold at any Beauty Shop...but if you want the natural way here it is...

A massage with warm coconut oil is an effective remedy. Avoid styling gels, especially on wet hair, as it binds with the hair. Removal of the chemicals is difficult. A paste of acacia concinna, henna and indian gooseberry helps in providing sheen to the hair. A massage after bath helps in improving circulation. Egg yoke your hair every 3 Day's this is very inexpensive and all natural way to get your hair shinny withing a Week. leave egg yoke on your hair for at least 20 minutes after massaging it threw your scalp. Washing the hair and keeping it clean and hygienic give luster to the hair. Harsh chemicals are avoided. Olive oil applied on the hair provides sheen to the hair. Placing a hot towel on an oil massaged head is beneficial. Using a conditioner after shampooing is essential. Moisturizing agent with humectants helps in replacing the lost moisture. This helps in preventing dry hair. Avoid chlorinated water on your hair. Harsh instruments are restrained from usage on your hair. Exposure to sun's rays is better avoided.
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