[Rant] What used to be a remembered as a decent neighborhood.


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You might say that I see too much but with it right out your front window, you really can't help it unless you keep the blinds closed all day.

I'm speaking of two of the tenants where I live both young, but it seems to be a phenomenon with all the young people who have lived here. I have never experienced this situation before, so please excuse my ignorance, but am curious. I unfortunately hear most of it and sometimes see it when I'm home.)

What they do is they rent (well it's not the greatest of places but its a roof over your head) and then they all gather together for the greater part of the day and sit outside and pass their smoke around, with young children around if you catch my drift. ( I do recognize what that smoke is).

They get loud, and today someone was breaking a window or something at 10:00 am. The two current tenants were out the other day from 1pm (when I came home) to 9:00pm and came back out again after midnight the same day. (Again being loud, but only loud enough to disturb They get pretty loud, but unfortunately not enough to call in the local police for disturbance of the peace. There is no on-site management here and unfortunately the property managers only seem to care about is collecting their rent.

So, what do I do. These young people are for the most part pretty wild, and I would not want a face to face encounter with them. With no camera or anything how do I document this?

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The best thing I can think of to document their behaviors is to write it all out in as much detail as possible. This post, I would say, is a good start to that. Make notes of EVERYTHING. If the children are in harms way or being neglected, you can always all child protective services (not that I trust them). Just some thoughts. :)


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Thank you a good idea. I don't know if the children are being harmed physically, they do seem to be decently dressed and normal,:) for now. It's just a concern, that the little ones are being exposed to an environment like that, when the adults do it right in front of them. Or anyone else who has eyes to see, for that matter.
We were talking about it to my friends, home health CNA who discharged her today, and as she was leaving (she's a good person and says she'll stop by sometime when she's in the area) She told me as she was leaving to be careful around these people. She heard a tape that I recorded of one of them being evicted, saii\d be careful around these people, well we are lonely, but neither of us have anything to do with them.