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One must post...

Hello all. Happened upon this site while looking into the great 2012 "End of the World" debate. Liked what I read and now see there is plenty more to keep me occupied.

Untill I post again... :joyous:


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Welcome Bill,

I am glad you like what you see and have chosen to become a part of the unhypnotize community! :)

Glad you have you here with us! :)

Lady of Light :)


Welcome Bill, thanks for stopping by! 2012 is a big topic and only one of the topics this site covers. We want the truth, and unfortunately we still don't really know what that is concerning 2012!


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Hi, Bill

Welcome I, too am fairly new here and have found out that everyone from admins to mods and us other people are pretty darn nice. It's a good place to be. Seems to me we're all looking for the same thing, answers to what has us here and looking for the real truth behind what the pthers like to tell us. Hope to see your posts. :)
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I think we should appreciate being able to voice an opinion out and in the open while we still have the freedom to do so. I always enjoy seeing another persons opinion on the subject. Sometimes light can be shed further, in the discussion, if we keep our minds open, and someone else, will give you more food for thought, I always say. It's all pieces of a puzzle these days.