WiReD: The Arsenic Diet


Breast feed your children, Not only is it better for the child but also emotionally connects the mother and the child which allows the child being more emotionally balanced as an adult.


In late May, the organic baby formula maker Nature’s One announced a goal of ”zero arsenic” in its product. Good, you say. Great. Makes perfect sense. Or it would except for this question - why is a poison like arsenic, of all things, an issue in baby formula?
Read a little further in the Nature’s One press release, and you’ll find a direct link to the problem. The link goes to a February study, published in the Journal of Applied Chemistry, titled “Arsenic Concentration and Speciation in Infant Formula and First Foods.”

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Arsenic is a colorless, odorless element in the periodic table as an ace. Arsenic is a naturally occurring substance in the volcanic material is also represented and forest fires and erosion of rocks produced. In addition, certain manufacturing processes produce arsenic. Arsenic Water supply will be achieved mainly through groundwater and, if consumed regularly, due to problems of the urinary tract, prostate, and kidney cancer. Municipal water suppliers are examined by the Environmental Protection Agency to provide water for arsenic, are needed. If you have a private supply of water as a commodity, you are responsible for examination and treatment.
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I wonder if this is why I haven't been able to eat rice since doing so much energy work. It makes me ill. I haven't understood this because there is so much info out there about how rice is so good at cleaning the body of any number of baddies from the body. Now it makes a little more sense. I certainly won't doubt my body's ability to tell me what's what in the future, that's for sure.

Fortunately all of my children were breast-fed. I wouldn't feed them juices or even cow's milk. Obviously no sodas or other sugary "drinks". They are all adults now and not one has had the first cavity yet. I guess my choice was right, though I was told otherwise back then.


That's the problem most people, they listen to other people consider going with their instincts. Most of the time the things other people are telling us are actually wrong, mainly because they're getting their information from the TV.