Woman Of Scars The Woman Of Revelation 12

Mark Brander

New member
Linda Newkirk is the 'woman of scars' that will be revealed to the world in the coming weeks and months. Look up Revelation 12 in The Book of Revelation! Revelation 12 is coming to a close and Our Lord and Saviour is about to send Linda on a "Power Walk' along the Gulf Coast. There will be blessings from Jesus through Linda to those who receive her in love and appreciation, and severe judgements will come to those who mock and scorn her!

God does not change, He is still the same God who sent two 'she bears' to destroy the 42 children who made fun of Elisha!

I have been blessed by the Lord to count Linda as a dear friend of mine for the past few years and what I tell you is the truth. Linda has just sent me Part Two of Chapter 72 of Book 12 where Jesus talks about the trip to the Gulf Coast that He is about to send her on. The new chapter will be posted on Linda's website in the next day or two. Look up Book Twelve on the main page of www.prophecies.org

All The Praise Glory and Honour To Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!