Yellow Root - curcuma
Saturday, April 4, 2009

An absolute must for your health is yellow root, known as curcuma and publish the Nasi Curry dishes.

Why is yellow root as well? Firstly because it is a very strong anti-oxidant is so large opruimer of free radicals (harmful substances), a good cleaning of your blood (eg in skin problems), stimulating galproductie you mess from the liver afvoert a destructor of cancer an inhibitor of Alzheimer etc etc.

Just go search in the Pubmed database and search on curcuma:

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You will receive no less than 888 studies!

You can curcuma in your diet or opt for a supplement that only the active substance (curcumiden) contains. Normal yellow root contains about 5% curcumiden. I use the natural shape itself as a supplement.


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