Your foods are genetically engineered

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Many people think that they do not eat genetically engineered foods. Partly because they are consciously aware or believe that Europe is contradiction. But the lie reigns. Nearly everyone will come into contact with genetically engineered foods without them being aware or that it will be indicated on the packaging.

No less than 70% of Europeans do not want genetically modified foods. Soy production of all the world is 70% genetically manipulated. Soy is a product widely used by people who deliberately want to eat organic. U.S. imports from Europe on a large scale that is genetically modified feed. This way, genetically modified organisms throughout the food chain. This does not legally be mentioned! Studies have shown that genetically engineered foods may have serious consequences for humans and animals.

LLiNK posts recently, on their website that genetically engineered corn that is approved for consumption in Europe will be serious health risks with it. Three varieties of maize agriculture giant Monsanto led to organ failure in rats.

This animation from Greenpeace shows the series of problems that can occur with genetically engineered foods.

Greenpeace has already voiced her concerns about the genetic manipulation of foods such as rice. Rice is daily food for half the world. Here are multinationals like Bayer and Mosanto much influence and especially patents. Greenpeace has been a while since a petition launched against this manipulation.

The engineered seed or plant spread itself like a weed. Many farmers who do want to know from companies such as Bayer and Mosanto sued because they are now in their fields have blown seed. On this page are several documentaries that the manipulation of food hazards and mapping.

Source: wacholland.org