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Nufffrespect made many videos and posted them to his Youtube channel. Over a two year period he noticed censorship on his videos, that had millions of views were kept off the most watched list. Alex Jones has Nufffrespect on his show were they discuss the changes coming to the internet, youtube, and the censorship of their videos.

Nufffrespects' videos were about the NWO inspired by Alex Jones and had over 37000 subscribers. His videos had over 30,000,000 views in total. They discuss what to do with the forthcoming changes to the internet.

A boycott was planned for th e19th of December 2008 of Youtube and Google in order to protest the censorship.

Nufffrespect made very powerful videos that hit home about the NWO, and what is coming.

I believe this article is well placed on the unhypnotize forum for his videos were aimed to do exactly that!

here is one of the videos that was censored on youtube, called Question Your Reality. Other Youtubers are making videos about this and the boycott and complaints Nufffrespect is making on behalf of all truthseekers who experience the same censorship is only.....creating more interest and respect for Nufffrespects message about the NWO.

Question Your Reality featuring a clip from Alex Jones

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Alex Jones interviews Nufffrespect 2parts
NufffRespect on The Alex Jones ShowCensorship 1of2 Video

NufffRespect on The Alex Jones ShowCensorship 2of2 Video
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