1. New UFO Hunter

    Sasquatch Genome Project reveals Bigfoot DNA evidence

    More: Sasquatch Genome Project Reveals Bigfoot Photos In Dallas « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
  2. Boiling Frog

    Bigfoot Vocalizations

    Amazing Bigfoot vocalizations Here is more evidence from the you tube user.
  3. Truth Vibrations

    New 2013 Bigfoot footage

    A new and very interesting video of Bigfoot:
  4. 100th Monkey

    [Fake] The 'Shooting Bigfoot' documentary was fake!

    What do you think of this?
  5. Truth Vibrations

    Survivorman Les Stroud's Bigfoot encounters

    Les Stroud & Joe Rogan discuss Bigfoot. (warning; strong language)
  6. 100th Monkey

    Actor on 'Finding Bigfoot' drops bomb on Conan

    Incredible news flash on Bigfoot! Everyone on the Animal Planet program "Finding Bigfoot" recently needed to sign non-disclosure contracts as a result of amazing proof/evidence of bigfoot. Almost all... apart from a single person he then disclosed the information on Conan tonight. A farmer...
  7. New UFO Hunter

    UFO Attacks & Kills 9 Hikers In Russia For Real Pictures

    This is a video clip from ancient aliens were some Russian explorers were attacked by some presumably Bigfoot like creature.
  8. Denise

    Is the (Yeti) nesting in Siberia (Proof) Legendary Creature exists..?

    Is the Yeti nesting in Siberia? Strange twisted tree arches 'prove legendary creature exists' Twisted branches found in Kemerovo region could finally prove Yeti is no longer the stuff of legends. By Lucy Buckland 15th November 2011 Hunters are claiming they have discovered the nest of a...
  9. Denise

    Hollow Earth theories - A livable inner earth world

    This topic has continuously fascinated me, and this may answer many mysteries that have been in existence for thousands of years...UFO's, "aliens", bigfoot, chupacabra, fairies, giants, dwarves, leprechauns, and so on...
  10. M

    All right, "disclosure people" when are y'all going to get up off your a55es?

    and force the government to give up all its secrets: free energy, ufo's, bigfoot, etc.And I don't mean through the LEGAL system, cause you know that's a lot of crap the LAW doesn't mean shit. it exists only to answer, already...WHEN?security risk....hmm... the security of WHO...
  11. G

    Why does NASA consistently cover up UFO evidence?

    With who are they working? It MUST be a world-wide collaboration. To borrow an answer form someone named " The Truth" who posted in another question.. Watch the documentary "The Missing NASA Transmissions" to see that NASA does hide information from us, the public - who fund them. Also the...
  12. Truth Vibrations

    Ottawa woman claims sighting of rare cougar An Ottawa woman claims she has spotted an eastern cougar — one of the province's most elusive animals — in the city's west end. Kim Trites said she was driving westbound on the Queensway about 10:30 p.m Tuesday when...
  13. CASPER

    Chemtrails and their spiderweb slime

    Chemtrails and their spiderweb slime Posted on November 17, 2010 by Lonny Paul Chemtrails are real. I’ve seen it both ways – contrails and chemtrails. I can tell the difference. There are a billion websites which can tell you more about them in depth, but basically, someone is spraying...
  14. R

    Lemuria: The Hidden History of Mankind's Mother Country Tuesday, May 12

    Lemuria: The Hidden History of Mankind's Mother Country Tuesday, May 12 Tuesday, May 12, 2009 We live in very amazing times my brothers and sisters, it's time we abandon the snares or labeling reality and only living in a pre-defined matrix of experience and rid ourselves of this...
  15. Rumas

    Bigfoot looking image on mars

    Spooky photo proves life on Mars? I don't entirely agree that this is real, but I am posting it none the less. Description:
  16. day

    Red Elk Teachings

    Red Elk's Vision Red Elk is an intertribal Medicine man and Heyoki elder, a member of the Twisited hair Society he fasted for 60 days and was given a vision which he shared with the world part one on coast to coast Inter-Tribal Medicine Man Red Elk touched on such topics as Bigfoot...
  17. New UFO Hunter

    NASA photo shows humanoid on Mars

    Is it Bigfoot? A Tusken Raider from the first "Star Wars" movie? Or just a rock? British newspapers went crazy Wednesday morning about an image from Mars that appears to show a humanoid figure descending a shallow hillside. The "alien" is actually a blurry detail in a huge panoramic...