Lemuria: The Hidden History of Mankind's Mother Country Tuesday, May 12

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We live in very amazing times my brothers and sisters, it's time we abandon the snares or labeling reality and only living in a pre-defined matrix of experience and rid ourselves of this attachment for good.

This three-hour documentary series proves the existence of Mu, the Mother Land of Man, how that all ancient religion was taken from the Mother Country at one point or another, introduced to these civilizations which were her colonies, and gradually Fell away from the real teaching as nefarious priest classes used the knowledge to gain power over their populaces ...

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Within Earth, Deva-government and UFO's

Monday, May 18, 2009

a message from Metatron 20-7-2008

Some Dutch translation in text

Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light and I welcome all of you in this living words. I embrace all of you in love.

You think your planet a compact, solid body, but most people, your planet is flattened at the poles and has huge cavities in the inner housing that offer what you 'lost' civilizations call. Your planet is under your geologists 4.5 billion years old and that is a reasonable valuation in accordance with the laws of your science. What you do not understand is that scientists dimensionality the laws of your science influences. Dimensionality from another planet you would a conglomerate of many Earths are concentric in existence with an infinite number of parallel features.

Question: There are many stories circulating on underground civilizations. Are they and if so, where?

Metatron: They are indeed and very long. There is a race of humanoid beings from the time of Lemurië and in a later phase of the Atlantic time. They found means to the hollow spaces of your soil to enter. There are huge hollow spaces in planet that you agree with each other were connected by a vast network of tunnels. The creatures who first arrived had a lighter body shape, a physical form which is not as compact as that of the people which has since evolved to the surface. The people of Lemurië which first entered this room, trying to escape the ferocity of the dinosaurs that are very long the continent in large numbers populated. Over time they discovered large areas of peace and beauty and went to live here. When they realized they afdaalden detail the existence of a binnenzon. The central Sunday radiates a kind of blue light and the old Lemuriërs, which combined physical / etheric bodies had developed a way to use this light to make their environment and discovered a great beauty in the hollow spaces. Some of you think that the Lemuriërs reached a higher dimension, the truth is that in the earth afdaalden, but they were close to their 'ascension', or transition to a higher dimension.

There are literally many cavities (caves) in the areas within Earth Arizona, Nevada and California. Many people in the last century have accidentally discovered the caves. These are the areas of the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff in the area you Area 51 and Death Valley in California called. The indigenous people who now Hopi, Havasupai and Navaja are still legends to have knowledge of these cavities and tunnels.

Now it should be noted that increased pressure within the earth and the magnetic, gravity and tectonic forces a unique and specific vector space created specifically dimensional parallels which could be anchored. Therefore there are in fact the earth concentrations stacked in many dimensions as possible. In reality, these throughout the universe, but on the surface of the earth much less noticeable, palpable because electromagnetism and the pressure that we have mentioned.

Let us say that the energy vector space in the earth more concentration point, and more dimensions, more pixels vitality or air concentrations may exist. If we compare (which is obviously wrong), then a television antenna that receives signals via comparing with a cable or satellite is received - one picture is clearer than the others. On the surface, the antenna signal into the ground the signal from cable or satellite. So, as such, there are more channels available and reception is clearer, but we talk about parallel dimensions when we talk channels.

So again, there are inside the earth separate parallel worlds, immediately next to each other in concentric layers, for which different life forms coexist not necessarily contact each other. And as many TV channels are available for you, so there are many parallel dimensions in the same earth. In fact, using the many aliens who have bases in the earth, in this way parallel frequency holographic models that can be called. Do you understand this?

So there are many life forms in concentric areas on earth, many of which lived here much earlier than the humanity and who, like you, it borrowed a certain right to the earth as their property to consider. But in fact include Lemuriërs to those most closely associated with humanity.

Question: Where life these creatures and where they appear on?


Metatron: Indeed, this Lemuriërs are mentally much more evolved than you at this time. Their bodies are, as I said, less compact, but nonetheless mortal. Their skin has a green tint, and in some cases a kind of blue-green because the water they drink a lot of minerals, including oxidized copper and other metals in high concentrations. They are peaceful creatures who know that there is only one religion - the love of the Source, and they have a deep sense of what "great calm" is mentioned. They are indeed aware of you, but they do not need to make contact with you. Perhaps you want to know what the reason is. There are many reasons, the most important is that they know your violent nature, your fears and your lack of large-scale spiritual growth. They know your physical illnesses, some of them could infect. They even tolerated the radiation of you Sunday Let us say that they have evolved into creatures with a unique own way and soon their temporary stay will end. Their bodies are maintained by a crystalline magnetic force and a light source from your planet core. Their mental capacity to handle this force field to use for their physical and spiritual food. Although they belong to the physical biology, it is a four-dimensional biology that a lot less dense than that of you. Many of them are very competent in teleport.

Indeed, there are contacts between the inhabitants of Earth and within your governments, but they leave each other alone. There are messages for the human race to the surface over the coming changes. As we said - another time cycle on its last legs.

You asked where they are located within areas. Keep dimensional parallel aspect in mind ... the larger concentrations are below the seabed, but there are also numerous in the following areas - the northwest regions of the United States, the mountains of Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona, Mexico, Central America, peru, Great Britain, Europe, the Himalayas, Chile, Siberia, Greenland, Iceland and Sri Lanka, all inhabited by underground colonies.

Question: How do they live deep in the earth and has the inputs to this earth in space?

Metatron: We have confirmed that the poles are entrances and there are many openings in the surface of the earth. It is impossible to give the depth, because they exist in parallel, dimensional realities, and when we would call these dimensions in your physical terms are not valid. Some smaller cavities and communities living near the surface, but the main cavities would, according to your standards from 30 to 150 kilometers below the earth's costs are. (You geologists can not imagine this because of their perception of pressure and heat, but we tell you that these places exist, and life here are strictly controlled by means of force fields).

But these distances are relatively in relation to parallel multi-dimensional realities. When one of the dimensional regions to the pool would go, or one of your 'special triangular (triangulated) to a parallel passages dimensional Earth, in another time-space continuum, which would be the distance from the point of entry? The answer is in centimeters and eonen, depending on the perspective. The science that the infinity of worlds closest to the quantum physics and science started slowly to be understood in certain scientific disciplines on earth. The paradigm, as well as geometric and mathematical basis should change before this knowledge can be accurately reveals.

The main entrances to the inner areas of the planet are located in the polar regions. The extended-dimensional aspect of your multi-dimensional earth (s) is a quantum way connected to the poles. Flatten the magnetic aspect of the pool areas, the hollow spaces in the planet. Your Admiral Byrd wrote that he flew over the Arctic and tropical land with flowing rivers saw. We tell you that he for a short time by one-dimensional passage and flew in a parallel dimension of the hollow earth was right and that he and others several times. Dimensional Hyper Transport (HP) may occur in the polar regions under a series of special conditions. The dimensional transport in the polar opening can take place under conditions similar to the crossing of a steep cone-shaped field in an elliptical (incomplete) movement. The sensation will be that you suddenly 'flat', pressed, or in parallel with the surface are. In fact you are indeed in a parallel dimension. The inhabitants of Earth are in a similar space. Many races and beings exist in your 'multidimensional' earth, many of which you as aliens and residents claim your planet and who are as convinced as you. They are indeed in many cases much longer than mankind.

Question: Subject is also the creatures that we Deva and Yeti's (element materials) call?

Metatron: Wrong. These creatures exist, but are not under the Lemuriërs and early Atlantiërs in Inner Earth.

Question: Can you tell something more about the Yeti and the same things as the so-called Bigfoot creatures?

Metatron: The person you Yeti or Bigfoot as his early versions of genetic experiments on Earth, primarily during the phase of Atlantis some 200,000 years ago. At that time there were many genetic experiments on your planet. These creatures are intelligent, but genetically degraded. These large forms were genetically created by human DNA with that of the monkey to life artificially, humano ï d animal to create an animal with a greater intelligence - human intelligence - but with modified genetic wiring or implants that certain areas of the brains' disconnect '. These are the survivors of what you 'others' of Atlantis mention.


These are laggards of beings created in the cruel intention in mines, farms and forests to work. The areas of their brains that emotions and structured thinking enablers are manipulated in their operation and minimal coding. Although these disappearing creatures the same source as the dolphins, they are unable to express himself or mentally evolve beyond a certain limit. And yet they have what is called divine intelligence. Only their physical strength and survival mechanisms, they can maintain and grow.

These creatures do not live in hollow spaces inside the earth. They live in holes and caves of difficult access equipment in mountains and deep forests and marshes. They are nocturnal. It is a variety that is decreasing, we say, and that in due time disappears completely. These creatures have a great fear of humans and experienced a great sadness and confusion about their survival. They keep you well in the holes. They know that your brothers are curious and would like to but you are intelligent enough to know that this is impossible. Their bodies are hairy with thick greasy skin so they can live in extreme locations and they will continue to do so until they reach their final stage. Their spirit is not more, because their genetic limitations are the reason that they can not evolve. When you are in the eyes of one of these creatures might look, then you feel a great sadness.

Question: Would you say that the Yeti same spirit source as the dolphins?

Indeed. But understand that the same source, but not the same expression. On the contrary, these creatures have not the same vivid emotion, intelligence and joy as the dolphins. Their body where they are trapped, refuses this. Hello, you might wonder why such spirits would inhabit such small vehicles. The answer is that fewer and fewer souls want and in the near future as a species no longer exist. These creatures can survive very well and love each other, but have decided to terminate this expression. But when the man continues to pollute the oceans and the beautiful energy of the whales and dolphins to kill, then this beautiful brothers reject this role. You have no idea of the effect of the light energy that whales and dolphins in the seas you cause. Would you be surprised to hear that many of you as dolphins exist in the present as in the past? Also you provide great service to both the planet and humanity.

Well, grid alignment, power mode (power technology), white holes that exist on your planet, not just exist on dry land, but most are within, above and under water. Mainly it is the dolphins and whales to a lesser extent the energy with which to connect these places to help balancing the energy of your planet.

What the Deva Kingdom (Alen Element) is called, many more expressions of life in the oceans and lakes on the country.

What is the Deva Empire?

The Deva Empire consists of essential fragmentary aspects of the component materials, the mineral and plant kingdom who knowingly and dynamically expressed through vehicles of electromagnetic energy. Deva Some molds are more developed than others. The Elfen possess divine intelligence, while others from the Deva Empire more similar to animals in terms of thought patterns and group consciousness. Not all molds are Deva, what you might think, positive or 'good' in nature. Some come from electromagnetic fields and therefore have both positive and negative to the electric spectrum that you see in balance to keep. Some see mankind as brothers, others do not. Some are extremely loving, others are somewhat mischievous or malicious, from your perspective. However, both electrical life so to speak. (see Website of Ed Vos)

All life forms are sacred and it is conducive to your growth to the many wonders of the great mystery to understand. Understand that grow in light means that you eliminate fear, and the limitations of your beliefs breaks.

Question: You spoke earlier about extraterrestrial beings that have their bases in the dimensions of the Interior Earth and that this takes place in holographic dimensions. Many report that they see such ships. Yet it seems to me that when they come from other levels, they are not easily felt or seen them. Their vessels visible to mankind? Like some explanation.

Metatron: This is a complex question. Well, let me explain it this way. Beings from other dimensions, other levels, other times and other worlds have been manifested and absolutely have to see to the humankind, both in the present as in the past. Their appearance, their ability to interact with the 'naked eye' to show sometimes happened by accident, and in exceptional cases deliberately. As people used to have random errors with the sequential time curtain between the fields of your past, present and future, where aliens have inadvertently lifeforms and creatures materialized in the split frequency membrane between the parallel one-dimensional or area to another. Usually they remained hidden for you in this type of action, as the few of you who ended up in the past, or the apparent past, were invisible to the people of that time episode. This rare phenomenon caused an immediate response from an unconscious to conscious awareness, making the transition to the different folds of the time sequence is directly activated. It is directly from the core of the multi-dimensional entity and is an indication, although confusing for those who ever experienced that all such dimensional boundaries and paradigms only for practical purposes.

You see, there are different sciences, different physics for each dimension, as there are different approaches and paths of science and physics for humanity in its present reality. Sciences to very different concepts would have been completely ignored. There are alternative approaches to physics that reveal much more about transport, transmutation and transport than you generally accepted scientific understanding or to understand. Was the man even carefully handled with certain mental disciplines as well as their exploration of superficial technological 'laws', it would be completely different transport and efficient than it is today. You have the outside of things and embraced the capabilities of your inner power in the divine consciousness ignored.


Once mankind decides to devote to the science of transport and bilocatie (the same time present at two different places) - and indeed it is a science with laws that learned and practiced and refined may be - will visit with parallel worlds and vectors in time and space and will be less chance conscious, planned to take place. Where humanity once the mental physics' learning and their application, they will be freed, for a large part of the filtering illusion, the camouflage of the duality of physical patterns. Indeed you are just beginning to understand how the Merkaba and Merkiva, once accepted by the mind as the builders in the crystalline field, the key to open the door. This is part of what will be slightly improved when the 144-grid and its networking of crystalline energy offered to those who respect this divine science to focus. You know, every science must be to the divine and this is currently ignored by most academics.



So back to your question, back to the subject, the interesting point about sightings of alien ships, or as you called them as' flying saucers', which many people have claimed. It is not that they are, although many people claim. Some, but that is a rarity. And those who claim are in, what we call a shift, or enlightened consciousness. They see not with physical eyes. The fact that most ships travel in a field of parallel dimension security controls the visibility in your terms - by the camouflage of its frequency planar (flat, consecutive)-dimensional separation. So in reality, most ships are not manifested in your physical dimension. In other cases, they reflactie, an energetic reflection of these vessels in your dimension when this earthly dimensional spectrum comes at the time of delay of the light speed and the folds or creases in space holes (see examples).

The atoms and molecules which structurally plasma the 'spaceship' assemblies are formed by the physical structure pattern, and physically in harmony the concise nature and patterns of his own dimensional field, its original territorial reality. Well, if you rate the ship arrives, there is a large deformation instead. Its actual structure is a form dilemma - either to fully transform into reality the special structure of the Earth or return to its original structure. The human spectator tries to 'image' in line with the belief system or belief of what he accepts as a reliable option in the universe. So the final result of the terrestrial observer believes and is moving between a foreign made vehicle or aircraft that hides behind flashing lights, but in reality neither of the two. The vehicle maintains what it can of its original structure and changes in the structure must be trans mutates to the laws of the new dimensional frequency. Because the man sees the same image and interpret it according to his individual conviction and light quotient vary the many claims and reports dramatic form, size and color. The few times that the vehicle rectangular ejection succeed this is to maintain its original features.

So the observations that you like 'real' show, are at best distortions. Most ships come from realities and levels that are much more developed in technological sciences than the current terrestrial sciences. The ships you see, even in deformed state, are not from what we would exist as the higher levels of pure thought manifestation, or a conscious scientific level. Therefore, the paraphernalia (additional) reflective camouflage something more visible. These vessels voluntarily appear in your dimensions do so only temporarily for a very short period, such as space ships not long exist in such levels can stay. This is the result of a great power that the structural integrity of the vessel and constitutes a threat of catastrophic pressure which dematerialisation by evaporation ensues. Structural monitoring of the physical laws of another dimensional level is practically an imperative, and at that moment the 'flying saucer' is not a long time that level. A clear comparison is that of your submarine in its descent depth is limited and should always take into account the allowable pressure at great depths. Do you understand this?

So the short-term observations are the result of the isomorfische varnish of the original structure. What people often report to see the saucer shape, or elongated cigar shape, but these are only oblique perceptions which does not actually resemble the real, advanced design of the spacecraft, as it would appear on the home and its planetary architectural construction . Many people are so convinced of these phenomena that they themselves create the image. How many children saw the real Santa in the air while his reindeer led? Yes, Santa Claus exists, consciousness, because you think that form self-fed by your conviction. Do you now how creative you are? Indeed, it is an aspect of your reaching capabilities in the "mental science", manifested as a belief system.


Do not wrong - the bursting of the cosmos of extraterrestrial life and many are indeed and in your earth. Not only multi-dimensional, but some, especially for your parents work closely with you in the vibration increase and development of the earth. Among the most prominent extraterrestrial beings with good intentions are the inhabitants of the Pleiades, Sirius A and B, Andromeda and Arcturius. Indeed many of you there as these creatures in Atlantis and are also parallel in the NOW. We have been told. These creatures can actually physically in your world and have already done since the earliest times. It is, however, often through the science of mental transformation, mental mastery. Their ships appear not in your dimension as many of you think. These creatures use the star gate technology (see picture star port) is said to materialize, such as the 'beam' transport (uplinks) in your Star Trek movies.

However, inter-dimensional existence levels may mix with many planets and it is not limited to the planet and it happens often without conscious knowledge of the residents of the levels. Few people are now aware of their multi-dimensional realities. The whole concept of your earth houses in its interior civilizations, alien visitors and residents who bases for you rather 'strange' (alien) are. Sorry for the pun!

Dimensional parallel existence areas (different frequencies) are holographic projections. As such they have no space. It is not a real 'place' to your language or a clear positioning. A parallel standard can be embedded in a specific time as a mental reality. It may be a specific, self-contained, separate reality, but this in no way diminishes its authenticity. In fact, many Christ Drama's such deliberate holographic integration. Holographic between additions may exist for a while then disappear, since it is not necessarily an actual, real cosmic location. A holographic intercalation or insertion is made for entities psychological 'gestalt'patronen for emotional fulfillment and lessons on many levels.

People often fail the importance and validity of emotion and imagination. Both are critical in mental science. In reality his emotional experience and what you call dreams dimensional visual existence levels. In fact, the comparative analogy of a dimensional existence to an emotional level is more compatible and more valid than between a standard and a dedicated vector location or what you would call a city, because in reality neither an emotional state, nor one-dimensional standard space according to your definitions.

Well, the Pleiadiërs and Sirianen, you main genetic source, works closely with humanity. These benevolent aliens have you worked in the past, present and future, to - in your terms - the humanity to help reclaim their mastery. These beings work with your gravity fields, grids, leylines, vortex and access ports, especially when continued upgrade of the Earth-dimensional access. Consequently, they developed tools, to some extent, together with you and they may manifest themselves in and on your earth life. They often create bioplastische areas are encoded with information for you in countless ways to help. Some of you are symbolic crop circles are one of these ways. They are mainly created by means of concentrated light designed events combined with the electromagnetic fields of the earth to programmed geometric symbols forms. They naturally have a high electrical charge, what every sensitive man, which formed a new crop has been able to confirm the energetic buzz in him.


We conclude it by saying that all life comes from the light and that light originates from consciousness. Mind! Your mission on earth is the experience of duality, to grow, learn, light search. Your goal is to experience life to it to learn. In order to reveal the mystery, you will discover that love is the vibration of all creativity and that the acquisition of knowledge, true knowledge is a key element to growth.

Well, certain filters are installed in your consciousness and your genetic structure as your goal within your time-space continuum. How would you really can focus on an experience chosen within the illusion of linear duality if you would be conscious simultaneously in another dimension of existence, which parallel NOW-life experience. Je zult begrijpen dat dit niet het doel is van het ego-zelf. Maar deze filters kunnen gepasseerd worden door het kristallijne veld te betreden, dat zich achterin je hoofd bevindt! Dit vergroot je kennis. Maar besef dat meer kennis verkregen wordt door middel van meditatieve gedachten, het Goddelijke Brein en breng deze kennis in de computer die je het bewust denken of bewustzijn noemt. Leer met beide te werken!

We hebben jullie verteld dat Liefde de sleutel is. Liefde is in werkelijkheid een taal van licht en het bestaat in vele geavanceerde vormen. We hebben jullie gezegd dat Onvoorwaardelijke Liefde de hoogste vorm van liefde is en dat het niet helemaal begrepen kan worden in de 3 e dimensie. Misschien kun je het enigszins verbeelden, maar echt beseffen kunt je het niet in de 3 e dimensie. Dit wil niet zeggen dat de Onvoorwaardelijke Liefde voor jullie niet bestaat, of niet toegankelijk ik op het aardse bestaansniveau. Het bestaat hier wel, maar het drukt zich uit in de 5 e dimensie en hoger. Het concept is misschien enigszins verwarrend voor jullie, omdat je denkt dat je de Onvoorwaardelijke Liefde al meegemaakt hebt. Dat is juist, het is gebeurd … je kunt het en je doet het. Maar je beleeft het niet in dualiteit van de 3 e dimensie. De 3 e dimensie is een voorwaardelijke dimensie en het is een diep geprogrammeerd, complex ontwerp in polariteit. Liefde bezit zijn tegenpool in de 3D, zoals licht, zoals alles in het elektromagnetisch spectrum. Onvoorwaardelijke Liefde wordt in werkelijkheid beleefd in het nulpuntveld, waar geen polariteit en dualiteit bestaat. Het laagste dimensionale sjabloon voor experimentele aspecten van Onvoorwaardelijke Liefde is 5D en hoger en daar hebben jullie het altijd ervaren. Begrijp je?


Beste mensen, wanneer jullie groeien, vertellen we jullie op een hoger niveau dat jullie reeds volledig bewust zijn van duizenden complexe en uitgebreide expressies van je ziel. Door middel van wat jullie je onderbewustzijn noemen, die de Goddelijke Vonk is, krijgen jullie allen toegang tot die Vonk wanneer je het verstand van het ego tot rust brengt. Door werk, door inspanning, door respect voor al het leven! Het is een schitterende droom en het is even complex als de 12-dimensionale kubus van Metatron (zie plaatje). Maak het mysterie bekend!

Ik ben Metatron en Jullie worden bemind! En zo is het …

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