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Spooky photo proves life on Mars?

I don't entirely agree that this is real, but I am posting it none the less.

A new picture beamed back from a rover on Mars causes a frenzy of speculation.


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I dont think it is a bigfoot either, rather a statue
I just read an article about this photo from Mars, Andrew d. Basiago has done some analysis of the object and presented his findings here
and was featured by Exopolotics

he claims it is a statue and says he can see other life forms around the statue.

there is another photo taken on mars in which an egyptian statue was found and I have looked at this photo myself and seen it. The surround rock face of this area has many many interesting areas that were covered over by someone at NASA before releasing the photo.
this photo is being discussed at the abovetopsecret forum
Egyptian statue on mars?, page 1
YouTube - Mars- Egyptian statue setting


I beleive that mars was once inhabited but the CSA,RSA and the ASA have been blurring out pictures on mars for years there are many things that they do not want us to see.:boxed:


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here is another link for more evaluation of the above statue on mars
Mars Rover Statue or Person?

The investigator has done quite a bit of research and found evidence which seems to support growing evidence of someone terraforming mars and evidence of past wars there.

. :starwars:

henry deacon witness of project camelot also affirmed a colony on mars and spoke with David Wilcock about the same re Jumproom to Mars on the project camelot site. David Wilcock discussed this in more depth during a coast to coast interview Jan 4 2009
rumas began a thread with the audio and include it here:

Another interesting video about the incredible buildings found on mars is on the forum in the videos section, called project redstar. The video is well researched and so I posted it on the forum.
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i'm pretty sure that mars had inabitance, wethere they were humaniod or not i'm not to sure, but i would not doubt it at all. And i wouldnt doubt that we may have to go back if it comes down to some crazy stuff happening.