Sebastasoul said:
I'm noticing a growing number of people questioning the validity or sincerity of David Wilcock as I am. It's been evident in the recent emotional breakdown and financial article threads, and all the threads regarding his 'channeled' information, but a lot of people are also still offering empathy and support and seemingly feeling called to show a sense of loyalty to the insight and truth they felt they've resonated with in his work and lectures.

However, I'm starting to overflow with questions and think it may be time for the community to really put our accumulated knowledge to the test and possibly let go of even more layers of deception that we didn't think we had - to consider what views of reality we may have decided to adopt because they feel good - even bold, defiant or courageous - rather than what may be true.

I have been trying to apply this filter to all whistleblowers, investigators, channellers, good samaritans, authors, etc. in the growing alternative media, and think we have to filter it all with the expectation that deliberate manipulation and disinfo is probably RAMPANT and extremely clever and is possibly very long planned, patient and even star-trek level technologically advanced, including directly into undefended brains.

One probably common, powerful and possibly required tool for effectiveness is to mix real info with disinfo.

This list includes what immediately struck me especially in the recent break-down episode with David and why. This essay is not a criticism of the real David, it is great recognition and empathy/sympathy for the real David that I offer, but I have had growing suspicions for a long time of an underlying agenda possibly out of his conscious control, and wondered if blatant evidence of it seemed to finally burst into full exposure in the 'episode'.

I have suspected for a long time that public personna David is a long planned, programmed alter full of software that is being cleverly and deliberately used to infiltrate and manipulate the alternative crowd. I wonder if the real David still doesn't know it, is in denial or is mostly trapped in his programmed personna, and wonder if what we witnessed may have been a rare public break in the veneer/programming with the real David alter appearing briefly begging for help.

I too enthusiastically gravitated towards David a few years ago, appreciating his seeming incredibly deep, insightful and refreshing cutting edge grasp of the gigantic big picture delivered with a very cavalier, regular joe offhandedness. I overlooked the Cayce/self-congratulatory stuff at first.

In an order I don't remember, I started taking note of puzzle pieces that didn't seem to fit the persona he was trying to project or the purity/reliability of his message:

1. The most crucial, foundational red flag to me is that he grew up near a military base and was a former extreme drug addict (heroin?). Either or both are the classic child/teenhoods that have been the opportunities/origins of programs to create fractured minds extremely vulnerable to programming/alters (refresh your MKultra knowledge). This can be done without the conscious knowledge or memory of the programmee.

2. He is blond haired and blue eyed. This is apparently the most vulnerable/desirable genetic base for mind control programming.

For the rest of the article:
I totally agree.

When I first saw David Wilcock, it was his 2012 Enigma. Lots of good information, presented in a manner in which was relatively easy to understand. Initially this presentation felt pretty comfortable.

And then it happened. Seeing David Wilcock in an interview with Kerry Cassidy, and I'm not sure if Bill Ryan was in it too. He wasn't the one being interviewed. I don't remember who was being interviewed, but David Wilcock was there and he was out of place. The man being interviewed didn't seem to want David there. The interview had nothing to do with David, but there he was. It felt as though he was intruding. And this is when I fully saw David Wilcock's ego. His arrogance was shining full force at that point. My view of him had changed greatly.

Before this though, I had been to his forum. He does NOT allow ANYTHING negative said on his website AT ALL! In life, in order to have peace and positivity, there must be unrest and negativity. All things balance, if they don't, all is negative, never positive. So, I guess this was one of my first clues.

The man speaks of not needing or having ego, yet he has the biggest ego of them all. It's terrible. His arrogance has gotten the best of him.

IF, and that's a big IF, David Wilcock is not as the above poster claims (David as a product of M K Ultra), and he truly is a psychic and is truly channeling, he has clearly lost his way. He IS being controlled, whether he is aware of it or not. Unfortunately, this is common to those who have the ability to channel and have visions. Money and fame corrupt. If you believe all that you see or channel no matter what, then you are corrupted. Not all messages that come through are the truth.

David Wilcock has fallen out of favor with a good portion of his "followers". Those that realize he is not the answer and question everything, are on a better path than those who blindly follow. This does not just go for following psychics and channelers, this goes for religions, and any other beliefs as well.

He is lost. Like so many others, he is so very, very lost.

Anyone who says, "this is the way it is" is clearly lost. Things may be, and things may not be. There are good messages out there, and those messages should not be ignored, they should just be looked at more deeply and not be followed blindly.
Ya, there's just something about that guy, David Wilcock, that just doesnt sit right. Maybe his arrogance, maybe something else unseen. Who knows what all or who all's involved in that one. That breakdown about someone after him was just ridiculous. Like that didn't scream "I want attention" "pay attention to me". Makes me laugh that stuff. I didnt' catch his interview with the guy who apparently remarkably sounded just like himself. If someone finds that, they should post it here. The guy's a joke. He may not have been in the beginning, but he sure as hell is now.

Everything WILL be ok, but that doesnt' mean that we should all just sit back and wait for it to just BE that way. We need to continue to move forward and MAKE things ok, they won't happen on their own.
I've never really said a thing that does seem like hes a know it all. He started rubbing me the wrong way when he started being in on Project Avalon interviews. And that interview you are speaking of was when David Wilcock and Kerry Cassidy were interviewing Pete Peterson. David started asking Pete Peterson questions, and Pete Peterson was looking at him very strangely. It seemed like a very uncomfortable moment, I wonder if David Wilcock felt that way. There thing that was strange is when he predicted they would disclose aliens and nothing happened. ...And "followers" is right it does seem like he has a cult following. Too bad because his information started out great!
It's very unfortunate that this man has turned out to be the way he is, programming or not. He had a great thing going, and it was all ruined by what appears to me to be his ego. He has been compromised, in one way or another, and it's too bad. Others who are into similar things, should take note of what happened with him, and not make the same mistakes. Don't be a David Wilcock. Don't let your ego get the best of what you are doing. Do what you do for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. Use your abilities to help others, not for self gain. And never, every think you are better or more special, than anyone else, just because you have the ability to tap into higher resources.
Wilcock has always been transparent in my opinion: Transparently bogus. I haven't liked or trusted him since Day One. He has never had one iota of credibility. Any of us could mouth the same words he has because the info was already out there. What is originally his[/B channeled info? Does anyone have an example?
It's great, kotn, that you are more open to seeing through these people than others are. It took the rest of us a lot longer to catch on.

And no, I can't think of an example of ANYTHING that is channeled from him. His information does seem to be ALL from other sources. It hadn't even occurred to me.

Just another puppet, i guess.
I don't know if I'm more open, but I like to start out always believing everything people tell me and everything I witness with my own eyes. I am fairly observant, yes, but maybe it makes truth easier to see when you don't put on a doubting hat first thing. Truth and lies always betray their intent. That's the smoking gun.

I know a few people who have been kinda decent psychics, but through whatever misadventure have had their intent skewed and are no longer credible in my eyes. It's really sad. They really don't even realize what's happened themselves, despite my warnings. Hopefully they will redeem themselves and pull themselves back from the ego and materialism that they invariably fall into.

Wilcock has always been a scam artist though. That's always been his intent.
If David Wilcock was truly out to help the world, everything all his information would be free, the fact that he charges for his information indicates that he's interested in monetary gain only. Everything you do must be free all the time if you're there to help people. If Jesus went around charging people, I don't think we would know who he is today.

If you're going to be a guru or whatever you want to call yourself, everything you do must be for free! I mean how can get your message out if your charging for it, the poor people never hear it!