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    Alternative Energy Zero Point Energy Nikola Tesla Breakthrough

    Alternative Energy Zero Point Energy Nikola Tesla Breakthrough....... Thursday, February 26, 2009 Zero Point, Over Unity, Nikola Tesla and alternative energy technologies have been muffled for years. With Nassim Haramein. Source: google The information provided on this site is shown...
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    The Holographic Transdimensional System You Know As Life

    This video attempts to convey the understanding of quantum physics and how it relates to energy and life. David Wilcock, Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy appear in this video. Most of the footage are from other videos most of us have already seen Description: YouTube - The Holographic...
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    The God Code Gregg Braden

    here is a 3 part interview with Gregg Braden about the code in our DNA and what it spells...
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    water and zero point energy

    I came across an interesting article called " How water accumulates Orgone by Jan Wicherink" The author compars the terms Ki, chi, prana, tachyon and orgone and claims they are they same. Here is an excerpt Zero point energy In recent years Harold Puthoff been popularising the zero point energy...
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    Spiritual websites

    Welcome to Wingmakers The Soul Connection Network|Welcome! The three Wingmakers sites have many free downloads in ebookpdf form. Interesting paintings and hidden links in the paintings for an adventure of discovery eventtemples is a site for learning emotional...
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    Thoughts from Gregg Braden author Science of Miracles

    This is the bonus interview found on "The Science and Miracles" DVD.
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    The Lost Books of the Bible:Gregg Braden

    The Lost Gospels are discussed and the secret of Enoch who was 'translated' in biblical terms, meaning ascended This part where Gregg discussed the lost books of the Bible is asmall part from: Gregg Braden - The Lost Mode of Prayer (audio book)
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    Rewriting the Reality Code

    Gregg Braden has an in-depth discussion with Steve Maraboli about our reality and our ability to heal and shape our world. part one part two part three part four part five part six
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    The Divine Matrix

    Gregg Braden expounds on the concept of a Divine Matrix, which he defines as a bridge between the inner and outer world, and a mirror of quantum essence. In further describing the matrix, he cites the work of physicist Max Planck who wrote about a non-conventional form of energy from which all...
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    Gregg Braden and Spiritual Consciousness

    Jim Marrs interviews Gregg Braden on the subject of consciousness and related topics. Jim Marrs is an award-winning journalist and has over 30 years experience with several Texas newspapers. In 1999, he began teaching a course on UFOs, perhaps one of the first university level UFO courses in...
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    Awakening to Zero Point (Gregg Braden 1996)

    Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:
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    2012 doubtful

    I've spent quite a bit of time looking at research into the 2012 phenomenon and I'm still not convinced that something major is going to happen in a small amount of time. I see change all around everyday. On one side of the vibrational spectrum things are getting very 'heavy' (vaccination...