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I've spent quite a bit of time looking at research into the 2012 phenomenon and I'm still not convinced that something major is going to happen in a small amount of time.
I see change all around everyday. On one side of the vibrational spectrum things are getting very 'heavy' (vaccination to newborns, genetically modified foods, rfid microchips just to mention a few) on the other side I see more and more 'light' (more people discussing the real issues, more people getting into meditation, more flow of information just to mention a few), so the idea of a specific date in time down to the minute sounds ridiculous to me. Yes I totally accept an alignment of our solar system with the galactic plane, an evolution in consciousness, earth changes and so forth but gradualy the same way a seed germinates into a plant and grows to be a tree to me that's how I see things.
Please disagree with me and show me evidence or reason to think differently.

Here's what a 2012 debunker as to say just out of curiosity:

YouTube - 2012 debunked
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Its difficult to decide who "knows" the truth. Somebody says one thing and someone says another. This fact is, the future is not written yet, and it can be changed. We could have a beautiful society in harmony with the earth and each other, or we can keep going like we are now. I prefer the first one. David Wilcock has some great science based information on 2012. I assume you have watched his 2012 enigma video?


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Thank you for your thoughts.
I did watch David Wilcock seminar, it was very enlightening. But it should have been called the "Pineal Gland Enigma", in my opinion.
Did you know there's a big hollywood blockbuster with a very "expensive" cast called "2012" ? You can watch the trailer here Apple - Movie Trailers - 2012
2012 has gone mainstream!

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Whether or not something major is going to happen in 2012, it's really insignificant. We just need to keep being kind and loving.

Best case scenario, we all move to the 4th density and all is well. Worst case scenario, we are stuck here in a hellish world.

I don't think it will be hellish if we stay positive and loving, even if NOTHING happens.


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I agree with you. loving kindness and discernment gives me inner peace. There are so many changes happening now that 'fear' is easy to fall into and this in itself is harder to 'know' or follow intuitively where we need to be or to stay put.
there is so much written about this time that to stay grounded and trusting in our higher selves gives me a sense of inner peace.

Lady of Light

Because of what David Wilcock has said about everything going white when these people who were using these viewers got to Dec. 21, 2012, I do believe that whatever happens at that point, is what we believe will happen. So, for some of us, we will go on living just as though nothing has happened. For others, life will be the most horrific, inconceivable event that could possibly be imagined. And for others, we will be in 'heaven'. And so on.

It will be whatever we believe it to be at that point. So, I chose to believe that everything will be wonderful and all the evil will go away and we will all have powers of levitation, and psychokinesis, and other things. (A girl can dream!)

It doesn't matter. All you have to do is eliminate fear, as tough as that may be, and everything will surprisingly be ok.


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2012 article and the Mayan Calander
link to the full story
Doomsday in 2012?: Viewzone

to understand this more there is an article posted in the news section of the forum
about the magnetic field of the earth--if we research solar activity for which the Mayans did
with exacting science-

A big question has been what does this mean for us spiritually- the veil being lifted and the transparency noted being able to see things not normally seen of a spiritual nature but this also coincides with something happening on a galatic scale as we learn more scientifically about the weather pattern changes of the planets in our solar system

there is another article about our galaxy belonging to a dwarf galaxy not the Milky Way as was once believed, Perhaps the Maya knew this and understood the movement of planets in the universe and their galaxies which as we grow in scientific understanding only helps us understand the Mayan Calender with greater insight.

Removing fear is the spiritual significance of spiritual awareness and growth and this is timely indeed!


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youre welcome--its a good read with much to consider -- but a clear perspective well researched


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Gregg Braden scientist author of the God Code, Divine Matrix and many more discusses 2012 and the changes of the magnetic field of earth will change, which will also affect consciousness. Part two discusses ascension during this shift.

part one

part two


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Once again thank you for the cool links. I've watched a few of Gregg Braden clips. He's very inspiring and most of what he says really resonates with me, but I hadn't watched this before.

Did you watch one of the latest interview on project camelot, with a girl called Jessica Schab? How refreshing was it to see someone with a totaly positive aproach to the times we're in ? I thought she was absolutely great !


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I did too and loved her sweet honesty and enthusiasm! She said something that I have thought of --- when Kerry asked her what her thoughts were about2012 she quickly said that it would be a time when people would learn to stop hurting one another because as they would feel this hurt as though it was done to themselves. what struck me was that would be the best way to bring peace once again to the planet.

Thank you for asking this question about 2012, I learned a great deal while researching!
Lady of Light started a thread about feeling body changes

I wondered if you have noticed any changes as well. I enjoyed Gregg Bradens explaination about the magnetic changes on the earth and that said alot to me re: changes in consciousness. I believe that our consciousness is affected by soilar cycles etc and we are organic beings from our planet and so our health is closely linked to the health of our planet and vice versa.

As I understand it now the entire solar system is experiencing planetary warming which some say is attributed to Planet X. Have you any thoughts about this?

We are lving in challenging yet amazing times!


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The whole solar system is going through changes. We had a solar warming until couple of years ago. But now things are cold again. In the city where I lived my first 26 years I remember seeing snow one day for just a few minutes the whole time I lived there. It was quite an event. This winter we've had snow 5 days and temperatures below zero. There's no record of being that cold! I heard that L.A. had snow, London had snow, the whole of Canada was white. The coldest winter in 40 years. So the sun's electromagnetic energy is going all over the place. Gregg Braden said the sun lost it's poles, the sun's magnetic field in a way is "gone". So he's predicting the same will happen throughout the solar system. Have you seen Valery Uravov's interview on project camelot? It's a must . Anyway, regarding Planet X it sounds like desinformation and fear spreading to me. It's a theory that doesn't resonate with me. I buy the story of the Annunnaki and I can imagine that they are among us and they might pay us a visit one day.

Regarding ascension I totaly feel some changes. I feel that things are happening much faster. For instance if I'm not careful with my diet I feel the effets in my body almost straight away and when I look after myself with good diet, hydration, exercise and so on my vitality jumps through the roof. Also the influence of my thoughts in my life has increased dramaticaly, it's amazing to see yourself thinking something and when before it would take months to happen now it days just a few days. These are the kind of changes I've been feeling.

What about you Day?


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I remember reading Sitchins books when they first appeared on the scene 20 years ago. His interpretation of the cylinder seals have been widely read and many people are now talking not necessarily about his work, which the debunkers are working fast and hard on, but with their research. It is interesting that youtube has taken down most of the sites about this event of the planets crossing...this in itself puts a question mark over the validity of debunkers, in other words if its all hogwash why take the sites down when the truth will prevail? There are many things on youtube which dont ring true but these sites are not taken down
There was anothervideo put up in warning about this event and Rumas has posted it on the forum

I did some more research and found a video by Nassim Haramein who conjectures that Nibiru has come and gone and due to a miraculous soloar flare we have been saved from impact--
I then found another video put up after this date of harameins video, showing another heavenly body by the sun
I posted those videos in the above thread

David Flynn has revealed his reseach about the meaning of 2012 using PI and a crop circle which is quite interesting
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

I remember feeling huge body changes in the 1980's and had my amalgam fillings removed and went on a strict detox regime thereafter. I remained loyal to this over 30 years and find myself incredibly sensitive to energy and have learned to focus on positive interaction with the new energy fields happening on the earth at this time.

David Wilcock has a video on google which was number 1 in dec 2008, 2012 enigma
and his recent interview on coast to coast, (Rumas put it on the forum) he speaks of the
White Wall that happens and the spiritual event that it can be.

I am thankful for this forum, and the many posts of information and LadyofLight sharing her experiences because it lends another viewpoint on what is happening to us physcially during these changes, and the inner transformation that occurs within and without.
I did watch Valery Uvarov video, and found him to be very sincere and genuine about his research and overall concern for humanity. I am wondering about the Hopi Blue Star Prophecy and wonder now how this may be linked to the events of 2012, possibly Nibiru and all of the research of genuine people around the globe.

This age of transperancy where the walls dissolve and unity weaves details in eyeopening fashion, its as though common sense has made itself known amidst the tremors of the phenix arising to a new world of consciousness.
Like you i am also seeing how quickly matter follows thought and am left in awe of the majesty of Spirit while embracing its purest simplicity

I feel as though my DNA is an antenna and can feel these finetuning so to speak lol...and that my intention if very important during this process.

I have also noticed changes in dreamstates and wondered if you have too Hugo?


There are quite a few Scientist that believe that our calander is actually ahead by one year this meaning that the
Miyan callender is very accurate and that this will be 2011 when a possible event may happen.also there has been showes on history channel about space dust coming soon to earth and killing millions of people is this coincidence there claim is that in 1918 the major flu epidemic that killed millions was from space dust.i in my opinion is that this was a biological warfare that was developed just after Russia was taken over by nazi globalist in 1917 biowarfare dates back 2000 years if you reseach it and alchemy has been around since the dawn of man these are things that are rarely talked about in our history largely because history itself has been changed and altered to be in favor of the elites of the world for thousands of years. These 13 royal blood lines are still in POWER today. This now puts me at chemtrails i believe that chemtrails are possible catalist in the atmosphere that will one day make people very sick(a pandemic) and i believe they are setting the stage for this global population suggestion is to stock up on colodial or ionic silver to better prepare yourselves for a possible event these products can also be produced at home ec meter to check the strength or parts per million will be needed to verify concentration.these were used up to 1930 for antibiotics but the government shelved it because everybody was staying healthy from using it and they do not prophet from healthy people this can almost kill AIDS,CANCER, can kill ebola,flues,and 650 different diseases and illnesses look in to it the FDA is trying once again to pull it off our shelves today the product available in stores is so low of a concentration that it renders it inefective.but with the right concetration administered it could keep you out of the hospital forever.most doctors tell you they are not allowed to discus these producs but the ones that do sweare on it.hope this helps any one out there.take care of your selves.:biggrin2:


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interesting re calender year being one year earlier... do you have a link to a website? will check out what I can find. thanks for the info ricklbert!