nassim haramein

  1. Denise

    Nassim Haramein interview

    Evita interviews Nassim Haramein - one of the leading world physicists. He shares with us some of the implications of the Unified Field Theory.
  2. Denise

    Nassim Haramein - Earth is not revolving around the Sun!

    "Wonderful new theory that makes a lot of sense!"
  3. Denise

    Nassim Haramein at Project Camelots Awake & Aware Conference September 2011

    Nassim Haramein at Project Camelots Awake & Aware 2011 Very interesting:
  4. S

    Ed Leedskalnin's Coral Castle "I've discovered The Secrets of the Pyramids"

    Ed Leedskalnin's science of magnetic currents blanketing the earth and being stronger at certain latitudes, fits nicely into Nassim Haramein's theories regarding sacred geometry. Ed used his science to move large objects with no modern day equipment. He may have even used the 64 tetrahedron...
  5. Denise

    New article from David Wilcock September 5 2011

    It's great to find an optimistic spokesman from the alternative and possible potential MSM soon! He is promoting his new book, and there is a new radio interview with Nassim Haramein's check it out! Radio interview here:
  6. day

    The origin of spin: A consideration of torque and coriolis forces ...

  7. day

    Planet X/Nibiru/Nemesis/Sedna - Updates 2010

  8. Unhypnotized

    nassim on coast - 4th Feb 2010

    Here is Nassim Haramein interview on coast last night. 4th Feb 2010
  9. Unhypnotized

    Vortex, 19.47 theory/ Sacred Geometry

    Some important facts about 19.47 degrees in our solar system and here on earth. Do people realize we have this energy field in us and that it exists in everything including every atom and every star or planet? How better can people understand this? How can people understand that what the...
  10. Unhypnotized

    Nassim Haramein *new interview*

    Here is a new interview Regina has done with Nassim. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is his famous 8 hours + presentation from 2003 (life-changing :thumb_yello: highly recommended)...
  11. Unhypnotized

    Validation Nassim Haramein Event Horizon

    Watch this....very interesting :shocked:
  12. R

    Nassim Haramein the ark of the covenant Monday, March 2, 2009

    Nassim Haramein the ark of the covenant Monday, March 2, 2009 Nassim Haramein talking about the ark of the covenant, an interview part of a larger documentary on EARTH PILGRIM comes, that this year. Source: youtube Translated version of...
  13. R

    Alternative Energy Zero Point Energy Nikola Tesla Breakthrough

    Alternative Energy Zero Point Energy Nikola Tesla Breakthrough....... Thursday, February 26, 2009 Zero Point, Over Unity, Nikola Tesla and alternative energy technologies have been muffled for years. With Nassim Haramein. Source: google The information provided on this site is shown...
  14. Rumas

    Nassim Haramein at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library. 2003. (8 HRS)

    Description: If you are not yet familiar with Nassim Haramein's exciting work, prepare yourself for an exhilarating odyssey into hyperspace and beyond. Haramein, who has spent his lifetime researching fields of physics from quantum theory to relativistic equations and cosmology, will lead you...
  15. H

    2012 doubtful

    I've spent quite a bit of time looking at research into the 2012 phenomenon and I'm still not convinced that something major is going to happen in a small amount of time. I see change all around everyday. On one side of the vibrational spectrum things are getting very 'heavy' (vaccination...