Mini psychic reading game.. Great fun!!


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I saw this on another site and i thought it was amazing.

I am going to right a prediction about the next person to reply,
they will then post back with either TRUE or FALSE.

Followed by their prediction for the next person.

Lets see how long we can keep this going, if u get ur prediction wrong u can always come back the next day!

ok here goes........

The person below me is a male and likes basketball and friends he has brown hair and lives in chicago

see its simple so get posting!


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I like to read too, my friend however, likes crossword puzzles and reading.

Am I the person below you?

Sorry not married, had one child but was quite sometime ago, a preemie who did not make it, unfortunately. :sorrow:
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Thank you. Your right much love to all the preemies in the world, medicine has taken great strides in 15 years.

I think you're right this time next person to read and respond will be a male.