[Question?] Same problem different year.


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Same problem different year hang-up phone calls

I know I mentioned this before, but it started up again today this time for Sarah Redondo again. Of what I'm speaking is the hang ups phone calls, they start calling at 8:05 a.m quiet for awhile mid afternoon calling for her, from what I've read on the subject it's illegal for them to do this, they're supposed to say they are attempting to collect a debt, and their company but they don't they say this is a call for then the name if the person andthen by continuing to listen you agree that you're the person we're trying to contact.

Well just now two calls in almost in a row once at 8:50 pm and then again at 9:00 pm.

My question is does anyone use the *77 feature on their phone to block calls and does this work?Will it work for 800 numbers?

My friend doesn't want to change her number, she's afraid she might get worse calls
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