1. New UFO Hunter

    Mystery light lifts truck - germany cargo missing

    28 Feb 2013 This look phony to me!
  2. R

    Israel: “Women shalt not read Torah at Wailing Wall”

    “Thanks you G-d for not making me a Gentile, Woman or a Slave,” Shabbath 86a-86b. All Jewish men are obligated to say this prayer each day. According to Torah (Bavli Megilah 23a) a Jewish woman is not obligated to study Torah therefore, they’re not allowed to recite Torah in public because of...
  3. N

    [Awesome!] Campaign For Liberty Audit The Fed Passes in The House Of Representatives now on to the Senate

    Dear Rene, This is an e mail I received from "Campaign For Liberty" I wanted to share this victory for Liberty with you all. According to recent news reports, after some of his cronies in the U.S. House urged their colleagues to defeat Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill, Ben Bernanke sent them...
  4. Denise

    President Obama's lawyer confesses Obama's birth certificate is phony!

    This is from Beat Obama PAC It’s official. The man sitting in the highest public office in America is an outlaw and has no legitimate claim to the White House. Any member of the House of Representatives or the United States Senate who says that Barack Obama is a legitimate office-holder...
  5. White Rabbit

    Jackie Kennedy Said MLK was a phony

    A novel in line with interviews by the past first lady. (CBS/AP) NEW YORK -- President John F. Kennedy openly scorned the notion of Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson succeeding him in office, according to a book of newly-released interviews with his widow, former first lady Jacqueline...
  6. Denise

    Have you ever Viewed A Cloud with a Shadow above It?? Rowlett, Texas - Aug 2011

    Definitely pretty weird. Gives additional credit towards the "phony sky" theory?
  7. New UFO Hunter

    Extraordinary mystery video of enormous UFO shockes on lookers

    Phony or otherwise love him or despise him this is what Michael Cohen explained regarding this video clip: Michael Cohen Very little, if anything, is known about the remarkable UFO footage below. It seems, judging by the commentary, that the UFO was either seen in North America or elsewhere by...
  8. Denise

    Al Gore Stop Eating Meat or Cut Back To Save the Earth, Pass the Steak Sauce Please

    I bet anyone out there that right after Al Gore said we should stop eating meat to stop global warming; he went home and had a New York Strip Steak for dinner. This same person tells us we should stop using so much electricity in our homes while his big mansions use many Kilowatts to power a...
  9. R

    Did Mossad hit Algeria?

    The last Friday of the Muslim-fasting month of Ramadan – was declared as International Al-Quds Day by Imam Khomeini in 1981. The Israeli Mossad choose the day to hit another Muslim nation after its bombing of United Nations building in Abuja (Nigeria) a few days ago. This time its victims were...
  10. R

    Hitler and secrets of his last days

    Recently, I came across a book by H.D. Baumann, entitled ‘Hitler’s Fate: The Final Story’ which proves that like Osama Bin Laden’s faked death two months ago – Hitler did not commit suicide. Baumann, a survivor of World War II himself, believes that the Hitler of the ‘official story’ was not...
  11. Unhypnotized

    Ron Paul Goes After The TSA

    Congressman to re-introduce American Traveler Dignity Act this week Steve Watson July 4, 2011 In the wake of last week’s demise of the effort on behalf of Texas lawmakers to criminalize TSA transgressions, Congressman Ron Paul has taken up the cause, once again proving he...
  12. Lady of Light

    Exposed! The Left vs. Right Political Charade

    [Left vs Right] "accurately reflects our careful, artificial polarization of the population on phony issues that prevents the issue of our [money] power from arising in their minds." Excerpt from "The Occult Technology of Power," a manual published in 1974 that purports to instruct an...
  13. R

    Yemen: Another Western puppet hits dustbin

    It’s reported that Yemen’s western-puppet President Ali Abdullah Saleh, following the foot-steps of another western-puppet Tunisian former President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali - has taken refuge inside Saudi Arabia while the US-Israel-Saudi Arabia is trying their best to keep their poodle Sheikh on...
  14. R

    Iran’s nuclear warhead test is aimed at Israel

    Kenneth Timmerman (‘I’m not Jewish’), the Israel-First founder of ‘Foundation for Democracy in Iran‘ in his latest anti-Iran crap published in one of Neocons’ (mostly Jewish) propaganda outlets, the Newsmaxcom, entitled ‘Iran Test Nuclear Warhead Design‘, has claimed: “Iran has built and tested...
  15. New UFO Hunter

    UFO streaks past plane (bright purple flash)!

    Sorry everyone, I wasn't capable of finding any history information regarding this video clip. Its short however really incredible! (IMO at least) Of course, I'll leave it at your discretion to decide whether it is authentic or phony.
  16. Unhypnotized

    Alex Jones Mega-Rant Unleashed: ‘Winning’; You Don’t Dictate Reality; I’m King of Reality, not Conspiracy

    TheAlexJonesChannel May 4, 2011 This rant is all about reality vs. illusion. As Alex Jones recently told the Washington Post, he’s not the King of Conspiracy; he’s the King of Reality. This is all too obvious as Alex puts the hoax surrounding Bin Laden’s death into perspective, and puts a few...
  17. New UFO Hunter

    UFO footage (1979)

    Read this article regardless of if its a phony a terrific site suitable for research.
  18. R

    Palestine: ‘Bibi’s phony peace offer’

    It’s no secret that someone to say in public that Jewish lobby groups control US foreign policy – would be enough to be accused of being ‘an anti-Semite’ and ‘a Jew hater’. But, only a Jew has the ‘divine right’ to make such allegation in public. Dr. Gershon Baskin PhD, is an Israeli author...
  19. Unhypnotized

    The Chemtrail Cover-Up & Depression

    The Chemtrail Cover-Up December 3, 2010 Note from Ken Adachi: Dec. 4, 2010. I posted the e-mail seen below from Keith Howe without reading the link first. Keith normally sends me good stuff and I assume it's on target. As it turns out, I...
  20. CASPER

    Naked Dreams

    "I'm Naked!" So you are going about your normal routine - going to work, waiting for the bus, or just walking down the street - when you suddenly realize that you are stark naked. Dreaming that you are completely or partially naked is very common. Nudity symbolizes a variety of things depending...