I bet anyone out there that right after Al Gore said we should stop eating meat to stop global warming; he went home and had a New York Strip Steak for dinner. This same person tells us we should stop using so much electricity in our homes while his big mansions use many Kilowatts to power a subdivision. What a hypocrite AL Gore is. He says we have to cut down on using fossil fuels and he owns Occidental Petroleum in Venezuela. This global warming fad trying to use a guilt trip about our carbon footprints is a fraud to squeeze more money out of us.

Sorry Al, People have been eating beef way before you came into this world. Cows have been grazing in the fields releasing flatulence into the air for thousands of years now. If your figures are so true, than you would have not be born because your carbon footprint would be too much, because of all the one child policies. I mean AL you drive those gas guzzling SUVs and limos. Your homes use more electricity in a month than what I use in 10 years. You tell us to cut down on eating meat, and you can have prime rib and 12 oz steaks every night. I do not believe you will cut down on eating meat, but you will tell us to do it. Al, you are a phony limousine liberal.

The global warming fraud is not about saving the earth. It is about using environmentalism to attack the free markets and normal human activity with no fireplaces and barbeques. They want to use the carbon footprint fraud to attack our way of life. They want us to get out of our cars and rely on public transportation and to freeze to death if necessary to save the earth because we cannot light up the fireplace. This is an attack on humanity plain and simple. These control freaks hate a free people. This global warming swindle of carbon taxes is on its last legs after all the scientific data was either fabrication or manipulation to sell as a fraud.

I tell everyone today, go out, buy lots of meat, and get a nice juicy steak tonight. Make a YouTube video and tell Al Gore we will not cut down on eating meat. We will fire up our barbeque grills or pits spewing carbon into the air cooking those juicy steaks, hamburgers and roasting a pig. Whatever makes your mouth water. They do want us to cut down on our consumption of meat because if we lack protein, our minds are more susceptible to be brainwashed compared to have a protein diet with meat where we can think for ourselves. Most of these religious cults take protein out of the diets, so the followers are easier to manage and control. Just keep that in mind why they want us to cut down on meat to break our will by the lack of protein in our diets. This is how they want to control us. Cutting down on eating meat like in most totalitarian regimes was a way to control people.

We can see the carbon taxes President Obama is implementing through the EPA and the other alphabet soup agencies by executive orders bypassing congress will try to make buying meat expensive forcing us to cut down. AL Gore saying we have to cut down on eating meat might be a pretext to high carbon taxes on meat in the name of saving the earth hoping the lack of protein in the people's diets; a dictator might be able to control the masses. We need to keep eating meat despite what the political ruling class says and keep protein in our diets. This government is trying to break our will anyway they can if they will enact measures to change our diets were we will lack protein to think clearly.

The good thing is Al Gore's lack of credibility makes it easy to discredit him now for all the fraud he is trying to pull on us with this save the earth swindle. He will tell us to use public transportation to cut down on our carbon footprints. Conserve electricity and now cut down on eating meat. Al Gore tells us do as I say and not as I do. He will not cut back on his fossil fuel usage with the gas guzzling limos and SUVs; he will not cut back on his electric consumption with all his mansions or stop eating meat on a daily basis. However, we all should change our habits according to his will to change except him. I will not stop eating meat, nor will I cut back either, so pass the steak sauce please.



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One is judged by the company he/she keeps.

Al Gore is a Rothschild poodle and is married to a Zionist Jewish woman.


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Wow! Meat must REALLY be good for us! Why else would they want us to stop eating it?

Oh wait! I know! It's so that they can tell us that we're the ones causing this fake global warming.

Don't you see? First they say that carbon is killing the planet. Look around you. All those trees and plants, ARE carbon and give off oxygen for us to breathe by taking in carbon from the air and ground.

They tell us there are too many cows and their 'emissions' are killing the planet. Ok, make sense out of that one. Those 'emissions' are helping the plants to grow. So now they're telling us not to eat them. Sure, whatever. Sure as hell not going to stop me or anyone I know.

Alright, so they tell us to reduce our carbon emissions by not driving and driving cleaner burning cars and so on. So, most people comply. (Like friggin sheep, but that's beside the point.) So now, there's less carbon for the plants and trees to survive on, therefore they die out. We get blamed for not doing our part and they force more 'laws' down our friggin throats, thus harming our environment when there was no previous harm being done.

Do you see it yet? They tell us we are causing the problem, forcing us to change, thereby actually causing the problems that weren't there in the first place. But NOBODY SEES IT!

This is just another example of the elite trying their hearts out to rid the planet of those 'not worthy' of being here.

It's all a bunch of crap to begin with. Global Warming is one of the biggest hoaxes going.

People have caught on to your first plot. Why keep going? They'll figure this out too, dumb-nut elites!

I WILL NEVER STOP EATING MEAT!!!!! Go back to the evil depths from which you came!