President Obama's lawyer confesses Obama's birth certificate is phony!


This is from Beat Obama PAC

It’s official. The man sitting in the highest public office in America is an outlaw and has no legitimate claim to the White House. Any member of the House of Representatives or the United States Senate who says that Barack Obama is a legitimate office-holder should be held to account for being part of the greatest criminal conspiracy in our history. If Mr. Obama doesn’t resign before the dust settles, or if the Congress doesn’t impeach him, we will officially be living in a nation where all semblances of law and order have broken down. Barack Obama’s own attorney says his birth certificate is a forgery.

New Jersey is one of the many states where citizens have brought legal challenges to Barack Obama’s eligibility status. If Mr. Obama is not a natural-born citizen as the overwhelming majority of Americans believe, then he cannot legitimately appear on the numerous states’ ballots in the presidential race. On April 12, 2012, Alexandra Hill – the attorney for Mr. Obama in New Jersey – told the presiding judge in open court that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery.

Ms. Hill, an associate attorney at Genova, Burns & Giantomasi Attorneys in Newark, told the judge that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is such a poor forgery that it should be thrown out as evidence. In other words, the fake birth certificate can’t be used to prove that Mr. Obama is not a natural-born citizen, because it is a fake birth certificate. The full details of the case are here.

It gets even worse. Ms. Hill then argued that the judge should not look to petty nuisances such as the United States Constitution to determine Barack Obama’s eligibility to be on the ballot. She told the judge that Mr. Obama’s political popularity is all that is necessary to determine his validity as a candidate. She also argued that the fact that he was elected once already (fraudulently) automatically places him on the ballot by default. She stated, “No law in New Jersey obligated him to produce any such evidence in order to get on the primary ballot.”

In spite of the bombshell admission, no mainstream news outlet has covered what happened at the trial yet. Judge Jeff Masin blocked the case and basically told the plaintiffs that it’s now up to the New Jersey Secretary of State to decide the issue of Mr. Obama’s eligibility. Talk about judicial courage.

Mario Apuzzo, the attorney for the plaintiffs, had this to say about the incident:

“Upon my request that she so stipulate, Obama’s lawyer agreed during the trial that there was absolutely no evidence before the court as to who Obama is or where he was born, including excluding from evidence the internet image of Obama’s alleged Certificate of Live Birth he released on April 27, 2011. The ALJ confirmed that to be the case. “

This of course creates an unprecedented Constitutional crisis. Every piece of legislation and every executive order that Barack Hussein Obama has signed is now technically invalid and possibly illegal. Since he was elected on fraudulent terms, he has no legal authority to sign bills into law. And don’t get us started on the executive orders.

Obamacare is therefore an illegal order, and cannot be enforced. The National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the executive branch to use the military to arrest conservatives without a warrant and hold them without trial, is invalid. The U.S. troops which he has sent to Pakistan, Libya, Nigeria, Uganda, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia (we’re losing track of all of them by now) and other countries for combat operations should be pulled out immediately.

He has no legal authority to do anything in the name of the people of the United States of America. Barack Hussein Obama II is an impostor and a usurper, and has no legal right to do anything from the White House. And this is by the admission of his own attorney, stated in open testimony in a court of law. What do his blind supporters have to say now, after his attorney states that the birth certificate is a forgery? Better yet, what will Congress have to say about it?