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    Everyone has their own free will

    Everyone has their own free will Monday, March 16, 2009 Everyone is again aware of its origin, is in our own source. There is nothing of ourselves lost, everything is still in our own free will . Memory is our 9th Chakra, but our own memory was blocked. This is because the people are not...
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    The food book and its ramifications

    March 11,09 In response to a popular thread that’s been going on between myself and my readers, the talk of a “Food Book” or otherwise known as “The Codex Alimentarius”, is a book of regulations the United Nations are using to monitor and regulate foodstuffs around the planet. But it’s not...
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    DARPA’s new lab-on-a-chip that protects America from biological warfare?

    DARPA’s new lab-on-a-chip that protects America from biological warfare? Cutting-edge nanoscale pollution and chemical warfare monitoring. (Nanowerk News) For centuries, animals have been our first line of defense against toxins. A canary in a coalmine served as a living monitor for poisonous...
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    Toxins ‘R’ Us Feb 24, 2009 By Amy Goodman

    Toxins ‘R’ Us Posted on Feb 24, 2009 By Amy Goodman Is your lipstick laden with lead? Is your baby’s bottle toxic? The American Chemistry Council assures us that “we make the products that help keep you safe and healthy.” But U.S. consumers are actually exposed to a vast array of harmful...
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    Dr. Clark: Uitvindingen.Heeling machine

    This is in Dutch and english. Dr. Clark: Uitvindingen en boeken Clark: Inventions and books This article is in Dutch and English 12-12-2008 om 00:10 uur | 3,950 bekeken | Gezondheid | WWW.NIBURU.NL | Print 12-12-2008 at 00:10 PM | 3950 views | Health | WWW.NIBURU.NL | Print Syncrometer2...
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    Another reason to distill your water

    You can't trust our own governments, so clean your own water. I personally don't think revers osmosis is good enough. Distill it. Original article here:
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    Barium Found in Chemtrails

    6/4/08 Becks new song "Chemtrails" YouTube - Chemtrails - Beck Chemtrails - Beck Yet another update:(many may find of interest) 3/21/08 Breaking the Nuremberg Code: The US Military Human-Testing Part 1 of Heather Wokusch discussing "Breaking the Nuremberg Code." Covers Edgewood Arsenal...