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Friday, Nov 13th, 2009

We learned today that Channel 4 plans to smash a 300 seat passenger jet into the desert*filled with data collection*sensors and video cameras*as a scientific experiment as reported in the Guardian.

“Two pilots will parachute from the 300-seat airliner after setting it on autopilot to crash at high speed into the desert. The plane will be loaded with cameras and sensors recording the impact of the crash, which Channel 4 said would provide invaluable information about how planes react in potentially fatal accidents.

The time and location of the crash are being kept under wraps by the broadcaster, which will air the documentary, Plane Crash, next year.”

Those of us who have studied one of the most horrendous and controversial events in history, the 9/11 attacks know that the history and study of airplane crashes have always proved to leave massive holes, fire, bodies*and a twisted plane smashed across a large debris field. All of the plane can typically be reconstructed for forensic analysis, yet on 9/11 the laws of physics were suspend that day.

Here is photos of what is typically found at the scene of large airplane crashes.


According to the U.S. government official version of the events on 9/11 and also the photographic evidence of the scene 2 planes completely disintegrated that day upon impact.

Flight 77
The Pentagon

Many people have speculated that a plane did not hit the Pentagon due to the photographic evidence of the scene of the time. Looking at this picture one would expect to see the traditional twisted wreckage and titanium engines strewn about the scene. For a comprehensive report and interviews with the eyewitness on that fateful day can be found here courtesy of the hard work of Craig Ranke at the citizen investigation team.


Flight 93 Impact site
Shanksville, PA

This photo below shows what the official 9/11 report would have us believe happens when a large passenger jet crashes into the ground.


View archive of Shanksville impact site

As dramatic as this photo is there is obviously no sign*of a plane just a large smoking crater, but increadiously in the trial of *Zacarias Moussaoui they presented evidence from the flight 93*crash like burnt passports, paper documents and clothing articles when not even the most indestructible components of the plane did not survive.

Millions of people all over the world who believe the official version of events on 9/11 to be another fabrication by government will be validated in their suspicion when this experiment is complete and the parts of the test plane will be recovered and studied unlike the flights on 9/11.