1. Lady of Light

    Portal Closing Spell For Those Who May Need It

    I was asked not too long ago for a spell to close a portal that was causing someone a lot of problems. So, I came up with this method which I will provide a link to. Please note, it is not a completely written out 100% ready to use spell. Like most of the spells I give out, this is a guide for...
  2. Truth Vibrations

    Nasa Says Magnetic Portals are Real

    Just more soft disclosure?
  3. Lady of Light

    Suzanne Spooner: Update on U.S. Disclosure/Ascension Accord 2011 ~ Steve Beckow

    SuSuzanne Spooner of the The Art of Universal Knowing or TAUK sends an interesting channeled message about Disclosure-related events. Suzanne is a relatively new source to me. However the Boss did call her a "pure-hearted soul" and a hard worker. But, as with all new sources...
  4. Denise

    Day 4 ~ Entering the Universal Underworld ~ Anrita Melchizedek

    From June 25th to July 12th, we enter into Day 4 of the Universal Underworld, with a focus on the eleventh ray of Illumined Truth. This beautiful pink-orange flame of Illumination takes us into the Divine Feminine on a Planetary level through the Unity Grid, with the strength of becoming...
  5. Unhypnotized

    Timeline Shifts: Mastering the Art of Choosing Realities by DL Zeta

    Working with timeline shifts is one way to master the art of choosing the realities you experience. Each person accepts and lives according to standard-issue realities or they wake up and take an active role in their life by choosing the realities they experience. In order to effectively shift...
  6. New UFO Hunter

    UFO MSM Exposure Mass Sightings Commencing

    Sightings growing in a remarkable pace. Benevolent ET's? Bluebeam? Nephilim arriving? Portals? NWO propaganda? There are a lot of facets and agendas behind such phenomena.
  7. K

    [Attention] Activation October 10th, 2010 Part 1

    I am a student of Stellar Quantum Cure taught by Rodrigo Romo in South America and some parts of Europe. Rodrigo Romo channels an entity named Shtareer. Shtareer is a member of the Voronandeck Order and is the brother of Micah. Rodrigo has written a message regarding Sunday, October 10th...
  8. Unhypnotized

    2012 Event Horizon - David Wilcock

    New David Wilcock video the sequel to 2012 Enigma Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Description:
  9. Unhypnotized

    A temple complex in Turkey that predates even the pyramids

    History in the Remaking Excerpt from the article: “They call it potbelly hill, after the soft, round contour of this final lookout in southeastern Turkey. To the north are forested mountains. East of the hill lies the biblical plain of Harran, and to the south is the Syrian border, visible...
  10. Unhypnotized

    Zero deaths caused by vitamins, minerals, amino acids or herbs

    Mike Adams Natural News Thursday, January 21st, 2010 To hear opponents of natural medicine say it, vitamins and herbs are extremely dangerous for your health. They should be regulated, we’re told, because they’re so dangerous! Statistics from the U.S. National Poison Data System prove...
  11. Unhypnotized

    Benjiman Fulford's latest claims (Do they seem credible?)

    Tuesday, 19 January 2010 07:33 Clear DayMonday, January 18, 2010 Benjamin Fulford Blog Posting Jan 18 MUST READ IMPORTANT From the weekly report sent by a reader - By subscription only --- One Time Only I be doing this because Of Its IMPORTANCE The members of the Bush/Clinton Nazi...
  12. Unhypnotized

    Crotch Bomber Kicks Off Massive DNA Destruction

    J. Speer-Williams Infowars.com January 7, 2010 Metaphysicians tell us that an individual’s DNA composition approximates one’s consciousness, and vice versa: One’s consciousness determines one’s DNA structure. Attack one, you attack the other. Improve one and you improve the other...
  13. Unhypnotized

    Cosmic Events in January 2010

    Cosmic Events January 2010 01-01-2010 In 2009 we had the Eclipses in January, the Light Channeling shift and the Age of Aquarius in February. In March the Equinox and anchoring of the Golden Egg in the new Diamond Light Grid as it activated fully awakening the Diamond Light that we are. In...
  14. Unhypnotized

    Staff of Amenti (Blue Flame)

    During a meditation last night..I was shown a blue flame and told it was a portal. I was also shown a word.."Avanti"..bit did not understand the word. I went to sleep, and in my dream...I was shown the "Staff of Amenti" So I looked it up this morning..and lo and behold..there is the "blue flame"...
  15. CASPER

    Obama says world urgently watching US-China talks

    BEIJING – President Barack Obama declared Monday the world is urgently watching for a "meeting of the minds" between the U.S. and China as he meets with President Hu Jintao on the globe's biggest issues — climate change, economic recession, nuclear proliferation and more. Obama also prodded...
  16. Unhypnotized

    300 Seat Airliner Crash Test will Prove Official 9/11 Story False

    Hawk TruthAlliance.net Friday, Nov 13th, 2009 We learned today that Channel 4 plans to smash a 300 seat passenger jet into the desert*filled with data collection*sensors and video cameras*as a scientific experiment as reported in the Guardian. “Two pilots will parachute from the 300-seat...
  17. R

    11:11 phenomenon

    11:11 phenomenon Sunday, November 1, 2009 The play about magic numbers combinations, which are on WantToKnow state, is still widely read and there is also firmly responded. The special was that we pretty much simultaneously on the track came from the English article below 11:11 After reading...
  18. Denise

    Hathors message to mankind-Oct. 8/09

    > Chaotic Nodes and Dimensional Attunements > > Chaotic Nodes > > In one of our previous communications we discussed the > concept of chaotic nodes. From our perspective we believe you > are on the cusp of one such node. > > When predicting chaotic events, one is presented with an > enigma...
  19. Unhypnotized

    Obama Mind Control Offensive Straight Out of UNESCO Eugenics Playbook

    Jurriaan Maessen Infowars October 18, 2009 Get ready, TV viewers, for the mass media onslaught prepared for you by the social engineers. As reported by Big Hollywood’s John Nolte yesterday, the long-expected mind control offensive will take full effect from October 19 to 25. Over 60...
  20. Unhypnotized

    Government Propaganda To Infest Network TV Shows

    Obama to control your television; brainwashing will be “organically” woven into plots and storylines all next week Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.com Thursday, October 15, 2009 An insidious brainwashing program set to be launched next week will “organically” weave the government’s...