7/7 bombings revisited


Truth feeder
A film done by david shayler (ex mi5) and nick kollerstrom.

On the anniversary of the 7/7 bombings landofthefree.co.uk went to Luton Railway Station with David Shayler and Dr.Nick Kollerstrom. In this fascinating series of videos Ex MI5 counter intelligence officer Shayler and Kollerstrom who wrote the book "Terror on the tube" about the events of 7/7 give their unique insights and address the key points and consequences of the attacks.

talk about in plain sight this photo is unbelievable in more ways than one.

the railing's are no more than a metre high , yet the third man appears to have the railing's go through his head and the bottom railing through his leg.
my only explanation is he is either a migget or a ghost .