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Under pressure from Israel advocacy group, B’nai B’rith International (BBI), United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Swiss ambassador at the UN Paul Seger have decided to cancel Annie Machon’s address at a June 6 briefing jointly organized by the UN Department of Public Information Non-Governmental Relations and the Swiss government’s permanent UN mission.

Annie Machon, a former official of British intelligence MI5 has claimed that September 11, 2001 and British 7/7 were inside jobs carried out with the help 0f Israeli Mossad.

“We are writing to express our outrage over the choice of Ms. Annie Machon as a panelist. In videos easily accessible and widely viewed on YouTube, she espouses the view that 9/11 was, ‘an inside job designed as a pretext for war. In another video, she claims that the Israeli Mossad security agency carried out a 1994 bombing at the Israeli Embassy in London to shatter support for Palestinians in the United Kingdom,” BBI wrote to Ki-Moon and Seger last month.

David J. Michaels, BBI’s director of UN and intercommunal affairs claimed that the United Nations has a history of anti-Israel bias and events such as this occur too often! “We see the diversion of this organization far away from where it’s supposed to be. To see its credibility further eroded by the hosting of an event with a person like Machon is a tragedy,” he claimed. Incidently, the Zionist entity is the only member of the international body which has ignored more than 70 UN resolution passed against it. The United States has used more than 46 vetoes at the UN Security Council to shield the illegal entity.

Machon in a 2010 RT interview said that there was a lot of evidence, scientific, eyewitness, all sorts of different types of evidence coming out that proves the ’9/11 official story’ was a big lie. Machon also claimed that the United States captured a group of ‘dancing Israeli Jews’ just after the 9/11 terrorist attacks who were later deported to Israel on flimsy excuses.

Listen to Machon in a video below titled ’9/11 was an inside job’. Machon is not the only intelligence officer who points finger to Israeli Mossad. Pakistan’s former top spy, Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul, in an interview on September 26, 2001 said that Israeli Mossad carried out 9/11. Last year, Israeli Zionist Jewish author, Barry Chamish, admitted on Kevin Barrett Radio Show that Israel did 9/11.

July 7, 2005 London bombing (7/7) was also a MI5-Mossad joint false flage operation to generate hatred toward Muslim world for the benefit of the Zionist entity. On the same day, a “senior Israeli official” claimed that Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in London for an economic conference, was warned by Scotland Yard “minutes” in advance of the terrorist bombings. According to the original story, Netanyahu’s prior knowledge was the cause of his not showing up at the conference, which took place at a hotel near the Liverpool Underground station.

Annie Machon’s personal blog ‘Using Our Intelligence’ can be read here.

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