Truth feeder
Andrew Steele
America 20XY
Sunday, March 7, 2010

Standing on Church Street near*Ground Zero*on the gray, rainy morning of September 11th 2009, the eighth anniversary of the attacks, I’ll never forget something Jon Gold said as I interviewed him.

It had been one year from the last time I spoke to him about the 9/11 truth movement, on a much sunnier September 11th in 2008, and back then I had asked some very specific questions.

That day in 2009, however,*freezing there in the cold at Ground Zero, I simply asked, ” so it’s been a year since our last interview, what do you have to say?”

Among other things, one sentence he spoke continues to resonate with me:* “…It’s a tough cause…”.

Jon Gold is a 9/11 Truth activist and an*advocate for the Feal Good Foundation, which raises money for sick and dying first responders.* He has spoken at many 9/11 related events and will be one of the speakers at the Treason in America Conference being held in Valley Forge, PA this weekend.**He joins an outspoken list of other activists–** Cindy Sheehan, Richard Gage,*Manny Badillo, Luke Rudowski,*Bob McIllvane, Daniel Sunjata, Korey Rowe (among others)– who demand a new investigation into the biggest mass murder in American history, which created a jolting, bloody influence on the nation’s foreign and domestic policies in the years that followed.

The two day conference*will bring together 9/11 truth activists from all over the country,*along with those in the anti-war movement.* Being a nonpartisan event,*and the first of its kind, it will unfold against the backdrop of an increasing*media*demonization campaign from both the fake right and fake left*news networks, and days after a shooting at the Pentagon that the mainstream media is*painstakingly*attempting to associate with*9/11 truth.

While the hired pundits on TV are trying to present the message that only a small percentage of the population questions the official story of 9/11, the movement has only grown over the past decade as other government lies and atrocities- (WMD, depleted uranium, Abu Ghraib, ect)**are exposed.* Most Americans no longer doubt the true motivations behind the Iraq War, and more are beginning to question the motivations behind the Afghan War as the promises of*a new president are broken with the escalation of those wars and the*increasingly suspicious media*vilification of those who protest his policies.

We Are Change, a grassroots organization that questions political figures on*camera and advocates peaceful resistance to the surveillance state, is one of the groups*behind the event.* Although members of the group have always preached peace and responded peacefully to the hostile intimidation of provocateurs, the Southern Poverty Law Center recently listed them as a “Hate” group in one of its reports without listing any basis for the designation.

But despite*the establishment media’s desperate attempt to raise the temperature on the movement, those within it refuse to back down.

No doubt, it is the ancestral legacy of Americans to question their leaders and to participate in the governance, justice, and defence of their nation.* It is no coincidence that the event is being held in Valley Forge, where Washington’s troops were encamped during the brutal winter of 1777-78, and it is not by random*circumstance that Americans are finding themselves being coerced by their media to abandon that legacy out of fear of ostricization by trained propagandists on TV.

Yet*TV’s *tired message is becoming*more lost in the static as*growing numbers of*Americans slowly awaken to the reality of their times and take a new look at a terrible event*that happened eight years ago…an event which was used to sell them the loss of*civil liberties, the bloodshed of their soldiers, and the looting of their treasure.

I will be in attendance along with*many others during the conference.

I am a Truther and I wear that title proudly.

Because in the end, like Washington’s Continental Army,*it’s the truth that sets you free.