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Friends of mine sent me a hyperlink to a YouTube videos that I thought really chilling.

Allegedly it is a CCTV video of a Lady getting abducted in her own home whilst she is actually asleep, along with her husband right beside this lady.

This is somewhat of a tale, I propose you google it, in the event it interests you more.

Here is the account (not all of it however):

Our Story begins on the 2nd of December 2010. Sonia (We have changed her name to protect her identity) says in her own words “I couldn’t sleep the night it happened the first time, I felt restless. So I go up to check the kids and stretch my legs. That’s when I saw a bright light in the back of the neighboring field. I watched as it got closer, seeming to just moss the trees.”

” I felt as though it was watching me and remember clearly thinking that, but for some reason it didn’t bother me.” Sonia continues: ” I turned to see if there were any lights behind me in the room to see if some reflection could be coming from that way, although I was in a totally dark room. There were no lights, no reflections. When I turned back around, the light was very close to my house and I could see it clearly as I watched it from the third floor window. It seemed to hover about 15 feet off the ground. Strangely I didn’t feel scared.” During our interview she recalled that the object was oval shaped and elongated and was approximately the length of 15 cars put end to end. It was very bright and it had an orangish-white colour to it. Strangely enough she did not recall the UFO event until she was talking about her abduction experience a couple of days later to her Aunt on the telephone.

She recalls that a few days previous to the UFo encounter she had witnessed a black helicopter hovering over the adjacent field to her house. (The same field where the UFO was spotted) Sonia says: “They were hovering at an even height with my house and looking into my third story living room.” She described the occupants as wearing dark suits but what was most bizzare was the intense way that they stared at her through her window. In our opinion this has the hallmark of a classic MIB (Men in Black) encounter. Later during the night after the UFO encounter Sonia was lying in be still unable to sleep when her youngest daughter came in to her room and complained that something was pulling at her leg. Sonia told her daughter that it was perhaps the cat playing with her leg and told her to go back and snuggle up with her older sister.

It was shortly after that incident whilst still awake that Sonia suddenly recalled finding herself lying on her back on something flat in a different place than her room. Her older daughter was kneeling beside her pushing the hair out of Sonia’s face. She recalls her daughter saying, “It’s your turn now mum, don’t be scared, they wont hurt you.”

Sonia then felt herself being pulled by her heel as if down a tunnel and then found herself in yet another room which was criss-crossed with greenish yellow laser like holographic grid lines suspended in the air. She felt like she was floating and also felt like something was poking or prodding her. She described to us as “hearing a strange rhythmic sound which was similar to techno music but more machine like.”

She was subjected to several medical procedures and at times felt terrified. But each time she felt this fear Sonia says, “something covered my brain and reassured me and calmed me down by indicating or was telepathically told don’t be scared.” Sonia, who has suffered from back problems for several years, was very anxious that her conically bad back was going to be injured as her body was manipulated and her legs were being moved. She says that she was told that her back would not be hurt. Sonia says that she was aware of a holographic screen of some sort where she was able to see some of the medical procedures being done. Towards the end of the experience she recalls seeing a very tall creature and because her son is so tall she thought it could be him but was unsure as to why she would see him or if it was really him.

Under hypnosis she was able to see more clearly the creature and described the figure as being tall, skinny with long arms and legs. It had a big head with large round eyes which were dark but appeared to be similar to humans. Strangely the torso and legs didn’t appear to go together but rather meshed together as though it had no waist.

At this point near the end of her experience, Sonia feels as though there was some urgency for the procedures to end and everything was done quite quickly from this point on, in a big rush.

There are some very personal details of this experience that Sonia has requested that we leave out. Suffice it to say that they were not pleasant.

Just as suddenly as Sonia found herself out of her room and in this strange place, she found herself back in her room having been returned from wherever she had been. Sonia continues: “It just seemed as though I was back in my room on my own bed with my husband beside me. It felt like I had left and returned. I was fully aware of what was going on and lying in a different position than when I had been taken, without any clothes on!”



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I noticed the video was removed, so here it is. I had to get this back on here cuz I thought it was sooo creepy, freaky, and cool!

I remember watching this a year ago and, oh man, what the hell happened to her? It had to be some sort of abduction. It looks like she was "beamed" away. She just disappears. And then she just reappears under the blankets startling her husband. Creepy creepy stuff.

If YOU ever see strange vehicles or helicopters seemingly looking at YOU, be afraid, be very very afraid! This just may happen to you!


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Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be able to have an actual copy on here. If you look at the messages on the videos.

First message: "This video has been removed by the user."
This video has been removed by the user.png
Obviously taken down.

But as you can see by the next one, it was put back up, but at the request of the poster, we get this message: "Embedding disabled by request Watch on YouTube" with a link.
embedding disabled by request.png

So, I don't see it being able to be posted without having to switch over to youtube directly for it. It was there the other day, and I didn't notice the problem when i posted the link here. Sorry about that. At least it's got a link to the video. Sucks that we can't just watch it here though.


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Real or fake for this particular video doesn't really matter all that much. But it looks pretty real to me. The thing on it is, this kind of thing happens all the time, but there is NEVER witness to it. There is never a recording of it to prove that it in fact happened, and is happening.

Why they took it down, who knows. I'm not about to go find out. Maybe it WAS taken down because of it being REAL. But then they put it back up, but now won't allow it to be viewed from anywhere but YouTube, which says to me, they're out to make money off of it rather than just have it available to spread online and share. Is this because it's real? or because it's fake?

Like I said, it doesn't matter whether it's real or fake, what matters is that it happens and stories like this are not uncommon, they are just unproven. I think it looks pretty good. Freaky as hell if you ask me.

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Yeah I went to watch on YouTube, at least you can. Still a very interesting video, the person seems to come out of nowhere, very weird!

Why the hell were they filming themselves sleep? Unless they suspected they were being abducted? Otherwise the camera shaky then?


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Why the hell were they filming themselves sleep? Unless they suspected they were being abducted? Otherwise the camera shaky then?

It does state that they suspected something and they saw black helicopters hovering days before with whomever inside looking directly at the woman in her home and a ufo hovering over the day before, or something like that, and that's why they setup the CCTV camera to catch anything that may be happening to her. They were concerned.

But otherwise, ya, that would be odd to just film yourself asleep if you didn't' suspect you were being abducted, or suspected something else may be happening or about to happen.

If it wasn't for the statement, yes, it would be more odd and more suspect for scam/fraud. But it WAS stated why, it's on the video itself.


The video is shaky because the guy couldn't convert the format the CCTV camera was recording in the had to get a format easy to upload to YouTube, so he had to Film his computer monitor. That's also explain the in video if you watch it.