Chupacabra Sighting Video (Fake - CGI)

somehow Jamie Maussan got this video and broadcasted it on Television. obviously he did not dig too deep looking for answers. Youtube member delirus42 is the creator of the video. confirmed Fake


(Este vídeo no es verdadero.)
I'm constantly surprised by how many people fail to read the video description. I made this video for my character animation portfolio. I used Blender and the Voodoo camera tracker.

delirus42 youtube page link
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Chino Zayas ET.

Killed in a cave, near Santiago of Puerto Rico by Chino Zayas who struck the ET on the head. Here the ET is shown out of the formaldehyde jar he's usually kept in.


THE TRUTH AT LAST. Recently, when assisting a Japanese TV team to do a special programme on the “chupacabras”, we interviewed a Puertorican police sergeant named Benjamín Morales, who has done 24 years in our local Police Force and was the assistant to Police Officer Osvaldo Santiago when the latter was investigating the case of the little "critter."

Sergeant Morales told us the same story we had heard before, namely that the lad “Chino” and his friend had come upon a whole group of the little creatures in a cave near Las Tetas de Cayey; that one of the creatures had seized hold of "Chino’s" leg, whereupon “Chino” picked up a stick and killed it. Morales himself had seen and examined the “critter” and was adamant that it was no human foetus, no monkey, or any other known creature. He said however it did most resemble the reported stories of some of the small creatures associated with UFOs.

He went on to say that Osvaldo Santiago, after receiving the thing from "Chino", had reported the matter to some military body (he did not know whether American or Puertorican), and they had said they would come and look at it. But he, Morales, had warned Santiago that, in such a delicate matter, it might be wiser to rid himself of it straight away and get it back to the lad “Chino” — and this he did.

Next, Jorge Martín went again to see Sra. Elizabeth Zayas, sister of “Chino”, and once again she related how, as "Chino" had told it, he had killed the little thing.

One interesting point emphasised was that, when Chino arrived home with the body wrapped in his shirt, the entire shirt was sodden through with its “blood” — which however, was not red, but colourless, like the uncooked “white” part of an egg.

Describing the creature’s ‘skin’, she said it was, when freshly killed, of a deep olive green hue. She also said that "Chino" had told her how, inside the cave, the two boys had seen a whole lot of the creatures jumping and gambolling about and sqeaking and chirping. Also, she said, in addition to the little creatures, the cave was full of small balls of light which were also leaping and fluttering about in the air. She said that at first the little dead creature had had a small amount of sparse fair or whitish hair around the back and sides (the top of the head was bald) but after being in the jar for a while all the little hairs had fallen out.

The head was large, out of all proportion to the body; the eyes very big with pupils vertical, like those of a cat. The eyes were strange, colourless, transparent. The arms were long and thin, reaching right to the knees or even beyond . The hands had four fingers, “rather like a fork”, with long pointed nails like cats’ claws and membranes between the fingers. The feet were very strange, nothing like “humans’”, but like the feet of frogmen’s suits, with long thin nails like those of cats, and again with membranes between.

A boy living next door, José Luis Pizarro, said he had also seen the creature before it was put into the jar. It was still very green in colour, and certainly no foetus, for it had large and well-developed sex organs - nothing whatsoever like a foetus.

Indeed it had a large penis and large testicles as big as those of an adult man. (Sra. Elizabeth Zayas also confirmed all of these details and said she found the size of the little creature’s sex organs quite extraordinary!) Definitely it was no foetus, no monkey.

In order to preserve it, “Chino” took the creature to a Funeral Director (Funeraria Monserrate) and there they got it put into the jar with a preservative.

Soon after that, Police Officer Osvaldo Santiago had arrived and taken the creature off the boy. With him was his spouse, Sra. Ada (also) Zayas, who had been a midwife and she too confirmed flatly that this was no foetus.

Then, a few weeks later, Santiago had brought the little creature back to “Chino”. By now such crowds were wanting to see it, that Señora Elizabeth Zayas put the jar containing the creature into a big biscuit tin, covered it over with clothing and placed the whole thing in a concealed hole under the bath.


About a week later than that, she came back from shopping and found "Chino" sitting in the garden, very downcast. He said some tall men, Americans, speaking both Spanish and English, had arrived and produced documents and asked if he was “Chino” and where was the creature that he had killed? Sr. Zayas, husband of Elizabeth, was there and he confirms that the tall men said they were from NASA.

They searched the house and soon found the biscuit tin and its contents. As they left they said they would take it to a museum and laboratory in Ponce, and after that, to the USA.

A few days later, some men, unknown but well dressed, arrived, asked for “Chino" who had found the "little man", took him outside and beat him up very badly with fists and the butt of a pistol and then left, having said nothing.

Jorge Martín next went up to the Tetas de Cayey region, in the hills, to see the cave, and to talk with people living near by and who remembered the ‘incident’ of the creature in 1979. One couple, Sr. Guillermo Soliván and his wife Margarita, supplied further valuable details. They said that after the “incident”, crowds of people had come up there to inspect the cave. The affair had produced a great sensation locally.
They said they and other local dwellers were constantly seeing “silent yellowish-orange lights in the sky,” many of them huge — far bigger than car-headlights.”

Another member of this family, Miguel Soliván, living very near to the site of the cave, said he had twice seen UFOs flying overhead. One night he saw a metallic disc with a cupola and lots of lights descending slowly toward the mountain and another time, also at night, he saw a large, silent, triangle, with three powerful lights, one in each angle, and a large central light beneath. He said: “This area had been repeatedly “cordoned off” by troops from the Camp at Salinas, on the pretext of “training”, and “exercises”, But, he asks, is that really the reason?

He said large numbers of soldiers come, sometimes in trucks, sometimes in helicopters, and often this is just after UFO sightings there. Is this what it is all about, or is there something very important and secret up there that is of great concern to the USA? Many folk say that the larger of the two caves up there has a vast deep pit that seems bottomless.
Stones dropped in it are never heard to touch bottom.

Are these little creatures a new and unknown species, not of extraterrestrials, but of deep-cave- dwelling Intraterrestrials? But, if so, how does it come about that there is also so very much UFO activity in that very same area? And, finally, so much U.S. Government interest in the little “critter”?

UFO magazines, UFOS -Flying Saucer Review

this might be the cave where the creature was first found.

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