Also life at dwarf planet Ceres
Friday, March 6, 2009

The dwarf planet Ceres, in addition to planets like Mars and Jupiter's moon Europa, even life. According to scientist Joop Kooper Wood of the University of Giessen.

From Ceres is known that his mantle probably an important part of frozen water. Deep below the surface can even "ocean" of liquid water present.

According to Wood Kooper internal ocean is such a good breeding ground for living organisms. He even thinks that it is possible that the dwarf planet is the source of life on our planet. This informs the site of astro news.


He bases this conclusion on the fact that Ceres in time has remained relatively intact from meteorites hitting. Something that many other planets much damage and thus the emergence of life difficult.

The pieces of Ceres, which were later blown into the rooms, according to Wood Kooper ultimately primitive organisms to the earth have.

Research into 2015 would provide more clarity. The American space probe Dawn comes to the dwarf planet.

Source: world secrets


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