Truth feeder
Katie Ussin
Thursday, Oct 8th, 2009

BILLINGS – An investor in the Hardin Jail venture with American Police Force said he still wants the effort to succeed, but without Michael Hilton.

The man spoke on the condition that his name is not revealed. He said he is one of several private individuals who gave APF money. Right now he said investors are exploring the possibility of whether the Hardin Jail can be opened without Michael Hilton.

He said investors are having second thoughts after Hilton’s long criminal history was revealed. He said they are trying to verify the source of prisoners Hilton claims to have and whether they can secure funding for the operation to move forward.

He said they would like to see it happen and for it to benefit the community of Hardin. He declined to disclose how much money he and others have put into the Hardin Jail project.

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