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- The phrase "it's cold outside" doesn't begin to describe it. With the mercury well below zero in parts of the Northeast, people in New York and the New England states are facing some of the coldest temperatures the region has seen in years.

So, just how cold is it?

Temperatures in Boston dropped to 2 degrees below zero Monday morning, according to CNN meteorologists. To the south, in New York, it was even worse, with the morning temperature sitting at 6 below zero.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has urged people in his state to take extra caution in the dangerously cold weather. In a statement released on Monday, the governor announced that he had put state agencies on high alert to respond to any public safety and public health issues that may emerge.

"We are also reaching out to cities and towns to make sure they are prepared, and have pledged support, where needed," the statement said.

Patrick is working with the United Way and the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency to provide services and assistance to residents across the state.

Boston might be considered cozy by its neighbors to the west, according to CNN meteorologist Sean Morris. In North Adams, Massachusetts, Monday morning's low was 20 below zero.

In New York state, the cold weather caused trouble for travelers. Schools in North Syracuse had to close after several dozen of the district's 136 buses failed to start, according to local media reports.

"We could not chance putting them out on the road and then having them stall and not be able to pick up the students," school district director of transportation Mike Janisch told CNN affiliate WSYR.

Amtrak had to shut down part of its service in New York as well.

A statement sent out on Monday said the sub-zero temperatures had caused some signals, switches and equipment to freeze, leading to the cancellation of some services in the region.

Northwest of Albany, temperatures dipped to 30 below in Indian Lake, and minus 22 in Gloversville.

Other Northeastern states are also facing bitter cold. In Mount Washington, New Hampshire, temperatures dropped to 35 below zero.

But if you think these temperatures are approaching global record lows, you're way off. On July 21, 1983, temperatures dropped to a bone-chilling 129 degrees below zero in Vostok Station, Antarctica -- the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth.


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Brrr! That is way too cold for me. Where I am, it gets cold but not like that. I need more warmth to survive. Bundle up, folks!