Around 10 - between delusion and reality

Monday, May 25, 2009

In around 10: the growing focus on the paranormal. On the television is full of programs about supernatural phenomena, "The Sixth Sense ',' Char 'and' The Ghost Whisperer" attract millions of viewers. The latter program, the English medium Derek Ogilvie, attracted more than 1.2 million viewers Thursday.

'Mediums' as Jomanda, Gabriela Gaastra and countless unknown Dutch with a' cool 'look in a growing popularity. Companies pay for a large financial astrological advice. 150 Euro for you to predict the future? Nothing wrong with that, many Dutch people.

At the same time, the criticism of this paranormal healers and predictors again. Gabriela Gaastra is under heavy fire after its claim that the desperate act of Karst T. supernatural perspective-from-a higher purpose was. Jomanda - previously known healer from Tiel - heard yesterday, one year conditional jail itself against demands for misleading Sylvia Millecam. Nor should it two years' healing 'performance.

Around 10 in a live discussion about the growing popularity of mediums. Revolves around a shrewd game of cunning and deceit? And what says about the modern man that he hope and consolation, in the supernatural?

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Source: ncrv.nl