Occultism and parapsychology: More between heaven and earth?
Saturday, March 14, 2009

Through the ages people have been fascinated by paranormal phenomena and external sensory perceptions. Is there more between heaven and earth than the naked eye can see, there is something like sixth sense and you can by symbolism and intuition to predict the future? The psychics trying research the inexplicable explicable to, but depends on the contemporary ways of thinking still insufficient to ensure a scientific revolution.


Human beings have throughout history always hidden forces around itself felt, both secret knowledge resources as a latent force in itself. Occultism deals with the occult and indicates the belief in the supernatural. Occult issues are closely intertwined with a mysterious "other world" where we have no control but want to have contact with. Although many occult ever found cases over the centuries have been, there are still many unexplained cases. The occultism is concerned with predicting events, or the call and their possible explanations. The science might explain that gravity is an apple from a tree does fall, but why exactly the same apple at the head of each one passer is maintained.

The past is full of occultism. The supernatural included a variety of demons and gods which was and still is sometimes thought that it the weather, the harvest and fertility affected. The man had been subject to unknown forces. And the belief in life after death, the presence of spirits and ghosts, adapted to the prevailing views. This resulted in many pagan ceremonies and symbols, some of the major religions survived. From the 14th century, the occult practices, however, condemned as sinful, with the peak a witch hunt in Europe and later in America, following the prosecution of persons who are devil worshipers. There was an atmosphere of hysteria that led to the belief in elves and fairies as opposed to all evil. With mascots and prayers were begging for assistance or disaster off Weerd. This superstition we still like the dust on wood and avoiding black cats and the number 13.

Predicting the future

Throughout the centuries there are numerous forms of divination and prophecy arise. Methods range from air observations to the interpretation of 'accidental' patterns of coins, cards, dice or sticks, which until 1949 in China is still very popular. The most famous European predictor was the French physician and astrologer Nostradamus (1503-1566), more than six hundred verses with striking dark precise predictions wrote, including the provision of the French Revolution. By the 18th century were many bizarre future prediction methods obsolete, but to tarot cards, hand reading, dream interpretation and the look in crystal balls and coffee celebrated especially among Gypsies height.

Tarot cards
The classic tarot game contains 78 cards in four colors. The picture cards bear symbols which sometimes comes from the ancient Egyptian period, including the Sun, the Moon, the Lovers, the Devil and the Tree of Life. Each color has a motive. There is a subdivision in the Major Arcana that big themes in life and represents Small Arcana which is about everyday events. The cards are using a particular system on the table, and each card is considered an influence. The most famous kaartleggingen his' past-present-future "and called the Celtic Cross. On the basis of the resulting overall picture and a dose of intuition than predictions made.

Hand Reading
Hand palmistry or palma copy dates from ancient times. It is based on the principle that the basis reflects the life, the "screen" of the brains. The lines, grooves, folds of the hills and one hand leads to human characteristics such as abilities and limitations but also the future can be predicted. In the 15th century were the main characteristics of the hand related to the planets and signs of the zodiac. It is generally assumed that the lines in the hand in the course of life may change.

Dream Interpretation
Traditionally, people give meaning to their dreams. It is based on recurring symbols in dreams. Dreams together rape spreads from what we glean from the facts and experiences to serve process. This event takes place in the unconscious. Dream Interpretation as paranormal as the interpretations of the future. Dreams can also be telepathic: Men dream something else happening simultaneously. Often they were people with a very strong bond with each other or have telepathic with each other.

Crystal ball
The crystal ball goes through the association with mysticism and clairvoyance to the imagination for centuries. The technique of chimneys in shiny surfaces goes back to our very existence, when the unsuspecting man in water looked and saw his own reflection. The reflection of man in water and worked fascinated hypnotic. To fix at some point created images that were associated with 'the other world. " The discovery of patterns in the water brought visions with messages about the future. The interpretation of the often vague images and impressions great deal of practice.

See coffee
A special form of psychic perception is looking coffee stain or interpreting patterns of a remnant of coffee. An empty drinking cup of strong coffee coffee leaves behind and the form thereof, the interpreter a character sketch or statements about the future and / or health. There are variations to this as the interpretation of tea leaves.


The spiritualism is a theory that assumes that death is a separation of soul and body. The spirit lives so on. In the 19th century heralded the old belief that spirits of the deceased sometimes could be seen or heard. Ghosts are no ghosts wrapped in sheets, but the souls of deceased persons who have left the physical body and if it were trapped between two lives or two worlds, or go to the 'afterlife', but on earth still have something to settle . Surviving family members sometimes get signals that the soul of the dead were still around, as both frightening and reassuring it. The invention of photography brought even prove: Developed photos sometimes gave kinds of minds to see. The belief in this spiritualism further increased when there were reports of percussive minds. Strange sounds and objects move in houses could not but be caused by a poltergeist.

At the same time there emerged media. Media are the human links between dead and living, and by their paranormal were able to establish contact with souls. They made a great impression on European royal courts, including performances by floating tables, and the floating of the body. Also seances were popular. These are meetings which attempted to establish contact with the spirits of the deceased. Participants sit around a Ouijabourd which answers to questions by ghosts appear, or around a table where a number of correct or movements of a yes or no means. The increased interest in spiritual thinking in the last century as off by stories about crooks and the naivety of people.

Commuting is searching for answers to questions by a chain with a weight to a point, as a shuttle over an object or shuttle card / cloth with possible answers to. There is one question, after which the shuttle is moving by muscle vibration and to answer the map winds. Commuting is a way to reason and intuition are balanced by the unconscious to explore and answers that are hidden in every human being, to deepen. It is therefore best suited to answer questions on no scientific way to answer.

Band Rate
The first examination of voices from the afterlife were a half century ago. Artist Voices are sounds with voices of people who are not physically present during the recording. They are absorbed through a radio or television. Researchers believe that these votes come from the deceased or of supernatural beings. The votes, often hidden in noise, are filtered by special software from the recordings, or play loud. They called it called EPP, or Electronic Voice Phenomena. In the U.S. EPP is very popular and led to the movie 'White Noise'.

Communication with the deceased
A powerful example of positive spirituality comes from the world famous Char. Medium Char from the U.S. is known for its exceptional and powerful gift to be able to make contact with deceased loved ones. She gives personal readings, acts in TV programs and writes bestsellers. With its nearly flawless intuition builds a bridge between living and dead. Char communicates with killing their presence in 'feel' and symbols and characters to capture. With the help of family members is an image formed on the past, present and future. In addition to its amazing ability to know additional psychotherapy comforting and warm the hearts of millions of people to conquer.

Not all ghosts are so nice. Attempts to an evil spirit or entity from a person's body is also known to drive out demons or exorcism. The person is possessed by the demon or devil, "has lost control of himself, displaying severe behavior disorders. External symptoms are such an inexplicably large physical strength, the fluent in foreign languages that are unknown to the occupation and an aversion to the sacred.
Through speaking incantations and hand circular, the patient was freed from the evil influences. Originally the phenomenon was a special ritual in the Catholic Church, now is the broader context.

Para Psychology

Para Psychology is the (pseudo) science that deals with research in the field of external sensory perception. This is also known as ESP, an acronym for Extra Sensory Perception. It represents the ability to communicate with others, or the consciousness of something, without the use of ordinary senses. Examples include telepathy, clairvoyance and psychokinesis. These phenomena have in common that they do not fall under the fundamental causality principle (law of cause and effect), which is susceptible to multiple interpretations. Supernatural things are under controlled conditions is not easy to examine, with the result that criticism of the lurking. Indeed, lack of convincing results, according to some scientists and skeptics does not mean that paranormal phenomena do not exist. Moreover, progress in other areas such as neurology, psychology and psycho-physics leads to greater knowledge about human cognitive capabilities resulting in different explanations for phenomena that people (still) consider as paranormal.

The prefix "para" indicates not a world full of mysterious forces and powers, or signs of 'the other', but simply means' next '. Paranormal does something in addition to the standard is: Human experience which no normal explanation can be found. This indicates a limited understanding of the world around us, despite the many reports of these non-normal events and the fact that these events take place in today's world where we all belong. The mystery of the parapsychology stems from the fact that paranormal matters outside sensory established, sometimes moving outside the boundaries of time and space. The nature of the paranormal phenomena rise to more questions than the events themselves. This is because it is (still) unknown physical events that challenges calls for thinking outside the current framework. If this is ever achieved, one can legitimately speak of a scientific revolution.

An aura is an assumed energy consisting of a color palette that humans and animals would be surrounded. Sensitive people, these aura's, consisting of astral energy or life may observe. Also disease could be traced to the aura image and character sketches and the route to the future. Scientific evidence is still not delivered because the aura structure with no measuring instrument can be detected. Aura photos are supposed to take cameras manipulated so that the color effects.

Is there a "sixth sense"? Some claim to experience telepathy, a great imaginative power. Telepathy is communication in an unknown manner and is also known as' thought transfer. " It includes the sending or receiving messages, thoughts or feelings, without the use of language or technical resources. Opinions are divided. Some find it covered by 'intuition', a natural 'know' that one is more developed than the other, others find it just imagination or conclusions based on interpretation. The parapsychology telepathy studies the phenomenon that, according to theories outside sensory way place, although no evidence to prove.

Clairvoyant falls under paranormal abilities. It is the perception of an event, thought, feeling or memory that is unknown to others, or 'feel' of a presence, a concrete example, given a letter in a secret drawer. This happens in any other way than through sensory perception. Some psychics have a tool (conductor) is needed as a picture or an object. Clairvoyance goes one step further as well as future events will be 'seen'. This is also known for fireplace. Another word for psychic is psychic, medium or psychic. Some psychics act as psychic healers and then called magnetiseurs hand or semi-trailers.

Twin Souls
It is a few times. The meeting with a soulmate, a like-minded souls or soul mate. You have never previously seen or spoken, but there conection you immediately, and very familiar feeling that the person your whole life. This is called a soul recognition. There is a feeling that anything really big with the other should have shared that you are lost from view, but you are now reunited. This has nothing to do with love relationships, but a band that any relationship beyond normal. Twin Souls may release each other circumstances, but they can never forget.

Exits or Outside Body experiences
Outside Body experience for the modern science an incredible challenge. The phenomenon is frequently during sleep, anesthesia, accidents or other circumstances where the person feels the body to leave. From a certain point in the environment than, for example, sees himself in the hospital are on the operating table or in his own bed. It also reported that business has' seen 'and' heard 'that the patient would not have been observed. So tell (unconscious) patients, for example perfectly what the surgeon during an operation had said, something that modern science is inexplicable, that is' impossible '. Evidence is now piling up, and indicate that the human mind, independent of body can exist. This is something that the current ideas is considered impossible, because brains and body always together 'linked'. This is not done by evidence but by assumptions.

Psychokinetic or Telekinesis
Psychokinetic, abbreviated to PK, is a remote motion generated by the power of the mind. A physical object moves or falls from somewhere, by a person holding the object untouched and no tools. This is also known as' mind over matter ', a result of visualization of the desired situation. The phenomenon is not scientifically recognized as such because it is wholly contrary to the current understanding of physics, neurology and psychology.
A new impetus to psychokinetic, the charismatic Israeli paramilitary rule list Uri Geller. The bending of metal objects by mental force enormous worldwide attention after his public demonstrations. Uri is capable of many types of metal objects without physical strength to bend, such as spoons, keys, nails, etc., and may affect compass needles. Uri knew magnetic storage media with his mental gifts, he leaves seeds in a few seconds into plants. He 'read' drawings of others follow them without having seen them and broken clocks and watches would be "mental strength" to walk again. Skeptics claim that everything is based on geochemistry.

Aardstralen are invisible. They are radiation, energies and interference fields that are harmful to humans. They can cause illness and aggravate existing diseases, such as depending on the position of the bed. Aardstralen could be neutralized, what radio is, or may be converted to less harmful energy so that it no longer needs. Dowser are able radiation, especially water veins (most common), to remove. Electromagnetic radiation from sources such as channels is also a form of aardstralen where sensitive people suffer from it and now difficult recognized. The negative effects worldwide research.

Research and recognition: History

The first recognition that paranormal events research was earned in 1882, when the London Society for Psychical Research was founded. Stories about strange events would from then be classified, although only half a century later in North Carolina the first laboratory experiments under supervision in the field of paranormal sightings occurred. The first experiments work of JB Rhine, indicated that there are people that are clearly beyond sensory perception. Interest in the topic grew, despite the many criticisms of the value of the tests. Strengthening the review would indicate that the results were even more remarkable. Books such as' Extra Sensory Perception 'and' New frontiers of the mind 'were bestsellers and statistics were recognized by the American Institute for Mathematical Studies, and creation of a separate para-psychological laboratory at the Duke University followed.

Causes and conditions were spearheads of the following studies, and issues such as mood, setting, relationship between experimenter and subject were significant factors. -Design studies followed in the second half of the last century with the result that despite the heavy opposition to parapsychology in 1969 a place in the famous American Association for the Advancement of Science conquered. Since then, the examination of ESP linked to other areas under the name 'psi', and the growth of conferences and literature also highlights a need for more evidence. The psychics asking for frontier research. It has the existence of paranormal matters, but not yet explained what it is, or what effect this flow supernatural cause. The modern parapsychology is an interdisciplinary field that interfaces with various sciences tw psychology, biology, physics, philosophy, anthropology and medicine. In the Netherlands you can follow the training parapsychology.

Not convinced?

Feel that someone is looking
Convinced that there is nothing between heaven and earth? Consider the following, which is quite frequent. Someone looks at you a long time without saying anything. The person is outside your direct field of vision. You do not hear the person, the person not the person does not smell, taste and feel the person is not the person is not. That we had all five senses. You suddenly get a non-feeling, a sensation as if you viewed. The attention and energy that emanates from the person looking is apparently still in one way or another you 'caught'. You turn around, and looks straight into the eyes of the other. You were right. You 'feel' or 'knew' that someone you looked. Sixth sense or coincidence?

Preference and rejection
Another example will also recognition calls. In the faces of people you see patterns that you unconsciously relates to certain feelings or character traits. This distinguishes people from each other. When an unknown number of people meet, form you within a short time (they say a few seconds) an opinion on these people. Positive or negative, even if you feel neutral, and even if the other does not open his mouth still did. Intuitively you know for whom you should beware, and what you could adversely affect. A natural protection against danger? Anyway, you do not have on individuals affected and there is no rational reason to view them or not sympathetic to. If later it appears that your subconscious well Saturday, it is coincidence, or sixth sense?

For Emotions
Increased intuition or feelings can be so strong that they have a predictive nature. Often feelings are contrary to logical thinking: Also says the rational in man that there is no problem with the air, a non-feeling may frustrate such a logical mind and your plans at the last minute change as, 'unwell . You take another bus, another plane, or prefer to drive another day ... Who at that time for feeling let speak in extreme cases can even save his own life. Coincidentally, or maybe a 6th sense?

Déjà vu
Déjà vu's are well known. It falls on you suddenly, sometimes clear, sometimes blurred. There , you have very strange feeling ever in exactly the same situation have been. A déjà vu (from the French: we've seen) stores in science generally on a false perception or memory of a memory as a result of short circuits in the brains. Other interpretations are in the atmosphere of the outer sensory perceptions, such as signs of another world or memories of past lives. If the brains are in fact wrong to have or is it sixth sense?

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