[FYI] Bad Energy


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We all crave Energy but Energy is Bad
Intrusive, Sinister, Deceptive and its Hold is Iron Clad

HANDLER’S Direct it at Suspecting and Unsuspecting Human Hearts
It Debilitates Health, Deteriorates Organs, and Destroys Body Parts

It is Wicked, Diabolical, and Evil. The Most Psychotic master plan of all Time
They Call it Soul Catcher or Voice of GOD for how it Totally Takes Control of The Mind

They Deploy Energy Magnetized, Ionized, Scalarized, and Nano-ized - what brand?
There is Federation, Peoples Republic, 5 Points, Euro, Five Eyes and other Plans

They got some HAARP and some CHEM TRAILS to absorb from the Friendly Skies
They DEW ZAP your Head with Impunity when they Detect Defiance while they SPY

Black and White Dots - Lips Tremble - Mind on a Fuzzy Trip
Brain is Downloaded, Digitized, Computerized, and Data Chipped

Whole Lives put on Display Scrutinized Start to End
Like the Man in the White Van - Jesse's Team - Everything Old is New Again

Through Secret Media Publicly Defamed and Slandered, so Ostracized Far and Wide
Brain Surveillance by Energy Fields 24/7 so practically nowhere to hide

Mind Raped so now Dehumanized, Demoralized, Humiliated, and Distraught
Next is Parallel Construction along with Total Manipulation of Organs, Senses, and Thought

No Old Memories Un-Deciphered and no New Thoughts Un-heard
Incessant Torture Levied with Crass and Incendiary Synthetic Telepathic Words

Wakefulness is Warfare with an Unseen Enemy, but Sleep Absolutely Renders One a Specimen
Then there are the Induced Hypnotic States [Energy plus V2K] Designed to Interrogate Again and Again

The Hypno-Torture comes Equipped with Visions that are Deceptively Tricky and Familiar
But Behind the Seemingly Harmless Video are Always Images that are Foul, Disgusting, and Peculiar

A One-Sided, Calculated, Intentional Disaster. The Loss of Family, Property, Friends, and Profession
Don’t Dare Start to Cry, Stay Alert! This is WAR! Total ANNIHILATION OF INDIVIDUAL is in Session

Energy is Bad if considered Expendable or a Threat another Life May Be Reduced to Downloaded Data
One more Life Destroyed by a Bad Energy Syndicate; at the Speed of Light Globally "Persona Non Grata"


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the energies used can be blocked, stopped and directed away from the brain and body to bring reduction of v2k effects and stifle pain signals.