The Holocaust Hoax Stories


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Do you remember the holy Anne Frank diary, portions of which were written with ball point pen? These pens were not in used during the time Anne lived!

How many readers remember story of the “Diamond Girl”, Irene Weisberg Zisblatt, who swallowed, retrieved, swallowed and retrieved diamonds for years and years in Auschwitz (Poland) Nazi labour camp?

How about Raul Hilberg’s hoax of Nazis killing 10,000 Jewish citizens of a small town of Stanislawow in book ‘The Destruction of European Jewry’?

“In Stanislawow (a town in Galicia), about 10,000 Jews were gathered at a cemetery and shot on October 12, 1941. Another shooting took place in March 1942, followed by a ghetto fire lasting for three weeks. A transport was sent to Belzec in April, and more shooting operations were launched in the summer, in the course of which Jewish council members and Order Service men were hanged from lampposts,” he wrote.

Remember Binjamin Wilkomirski, who claimed that he spent his childhood at Auschwitz and Majdanek camps until in 1998 he was exposed as a liar by a Swiss journalist, who proved that Wilkomirski had never been near those camps.

The New York Times reported Six Million Jews facing a systematic and murderous extermination in Russia, in 1906, 1921 and 1931. This proves that the World Zionist Movement invented the propaganda lie even before Hitler came into power in order to establish a Zionist state in Palestine.

Canadian Jewish researcher, David Cole, who has long insisted that his investigation at various Nazi concentration camps showed that homicidal gas chambers never existed. Watch a video below.

The Zionist narrative of Jewish Holocaust by Nazis in Europe, played midwife to steal Arab lands even though no armed armed group collaborated with the Nazi regime. On the contrary nearly 150,000 German Jews took part in Nazi army and several Jewish terrorist militias actively collaborated with Adolf Hitler. The hoax horror stories by the so-called “Holocaust survivors” are crucial for the existence of Israel. The more people learn the truth behind Holocaust, the more Zionist entity gets delegitimized.

On June 21, 2013, the British pro-Israel newspaper The Daily Mail did something unexpected – it published some other hoax stories by the so-called “Holocaust survivors”, whom the Jewish paper called “Holocaust fantasists”. The article says British intelligence official Joe Corry’s claim being at a death camp on the D-Day in his book, ‘Towards the Dawn’, was a big lie as the said concentration camp never existed.

Herman Rosenblat claimed to meet his wife when she threw fruit over a camp fence. The problem is both of them never lived in a camp.

Late Jewish professor Felix Weinberg (London Imperial College) blasted most of Holocaust survivors’ memoirs and their editors.

“I have always tended to avoid Holocaust literature, and find some of the recent fictional accounts masquerading as true stories profoundly disturbing,” wrote Weinberg.

And how the Zionists have covered their proven lies about the Holocaust? More than 200 movies with Holocaust theme has been produced in the West so far. In many American and European schools, a focus on the wartime suffering of Europe’s Jews is obligatory. Every major American city has at least one Holocaust museum or memorial. The largest is the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, which is run by a taxpayer-funded federal government agency, and draws some two million visitors yearly.

And finally, some Halocaust Cartoons - not by the ‘antisemite Iranians’.

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