British rock-icon chased by Jewish Lobby


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Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate Dean of the Zionist lobby group, Simon Wiesenthal Center, has blasted British rock musician Roger Waters over anti-Israel imagery during his July 18 concert in Belgium.

“With this disgusting display, Roger Waters has made it crystal clear. Forget Israel, never mind ‘limited boycotts promoting Middle East Peace.’ Waters is an open hater of Jews. The video is beyond shocking. The only books this bigot should be getting should be with the Mullahs in Iran and (Egyptian) Muslim Brotherhood,” reported Jewish Algemeiner on July 24, 2013. Watch the video below.

The imagery inquestion showed a black baloon in shape of wild pig – bearing a Star of Zion as well as symbols of fascism, dictatorships and oppression of people, to describe Israel. The truth which the Zionist mafia doesn’t like you to know, is that the so-called ‘Star of David’ has nothing to do with prophet David (as). It’s a pagan symbol.

Jonathan S. Tobin, senior editor Jewish Commentary magazine, on July 25, 2013, advised fans and entertainment industry to boycott Waters.

“This latest evidence of Waters’s anti-Semitic behavior ought to disillusion those of his fans who still cling to the notion that his art is a cry for liberty. But it also ought to chasten those liberals and Jewish institutions that have continued to make common cause with him. Let’s hope this latest incident ensures that Waters never again is welcomed into any Jewish community or any place where people of good will have any say,” wrote Tobin.

David Draiman, Device & Disturb frontman, an Israeli Jew, called Waters’ action antisemitic and demanded an apology.

ADL, FoxNews, AJC and other Jewish lobby groups has also criticized Waters for the anti-Israel imagery.

Roger Waters has been a critic of the Zionist regime for a long time. He also supports BDS movement. On November 29, 2012, Waters addressed the United Nations on behalf of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. You can listen and read his entire speech here.

In May 2013, Roger Waters in an open letter, asked Alicia Keys not to perform in Israel. However, she ignored the appeal and did perform in Israel on July 4.

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