Lobby: Argentina soccer fans hate Jews!


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Jewish Lobby is very sensitive toward Argentina, which is home to South America’s largest Jewish community. Argentina has produced several internationally known pro-Israel leaders like former Jewish interior minister Carlos Vladimir Corach, who allegedly paid $400,000 to hire a terrorist to bomb a Jewish building in 1992 – to Pope Francis I, who has been declared ‘Friend of Israel’ by the Jewish Lobby. However, the Jewish Lobby don’t like country’s president Cristina Fernadez de Kirtchner for her friendship with Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Ahmadinejad. Furthermore, she has this bad habit of picking on the Zionist entity.

The latest outburst from the Jewish Lobby is not political – but against country’s soccer team, the Atlanta Football Club. Interestingly, the club which was established in 1904, is located in a Jewish majority neighborhood of Villa Crespo. It has several Jewish players and a huge Jewish fan club.

Last month, Sergio Widder, the Wiesenthal Center’s director, in a letter urged Argentine Soccer Association to sanction the team for making anti-Jewish racist chants.

The Jewish Lobby claims that on August 25, during a match between Atlanta and Bolivian Chacarita Juniors, Atlanta fans called the opponent team: “Bolivian who belong in ‘shantytowns’ go back home“. Even though, a great majority of Jews in Argentina and around the world, are among the 1% fat-cats – mentally they still consider themselves living in European ghettos (shantytowns).

The Zionist-controlled Argentine National Institute Against Discrimination is already running an anti-Atlanta campaign. Incidentally, Chacarita Juniors is not kosher either. Last year, the Wiesenthal Center had demanded that Argentine Soccer Association sanction the team over its fans greeting Atlanta with Nazi flags and chanting, “Chaca is coming along the road, killing the Jews to make soap“.

The “Jewish Soap” is one of many myths created by Zionist Jews to make European feel guilty for their persecution of Jewish communities living among them in the past. This myth has been debunked by Israeli director Eyal Ballas in the film ‘SOAPS’.

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