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As expected, the Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) of David Cameron, has hit the lowest point in ‘freedom of information’ by banning Iranian Press TV effective January 20, 2012. The ‘execution’ order came from the British broadcasting regulator Ofcom whose members come from Jewish-owned Channel 4 and the Jewish-controlled BBC. Several of its members including its chairman, Colette Bowe, are known for their links to pro-Israel Jewish and Zionist groups and politicians. Colette Bowe is a close friend of Jewish Peter Mandelson, the main economic planner of the Labour party which is headed by another Jew, Ed Milliband. The other members include Millie Banerjee (Channel 4), Lord Norman Blackwell (board member at pr0-Israeli think tank Centre for Policy Studies), Tim Gardam (BBC) and Christopher Woolard (BBC). Interestingly, Ofcom officially exempts itself from examining the content and the accuracy of BBC or Channel 4 programs, but the BBC and Channel 4 are entitled to introduce candidates for positions at the regulator body.

Ofcom claims that its decision is based on the fact that Press TV’s editorial control is in Tehran which is against the regulation. However, Ofcom doesn’t seem to have problem with the Zionist-controlled foreign channels like CNN International, Bloomberg and Al-Jazeera whose editorials are controlled from Atlanta, New York and Doha.

Press TV began broadcasting in Britain around three years ago on Sky platform to offer an independent viewpoint to British viewers who could only access the Jewish/Zionist owned mainstream media. Ofcom’s decision to shutdown alternative news source is not going to help Israel’s anti-Muslim propaganda lies. Press TV will continue to broadcast to British viewers via foreign satellite platforms and through the internet. The channel says that Ofcom’s decision will be an ultimately futile attempt to hide the truth.

British dignitaries, such as, former MP George Galloway, former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, British journalist and sister-in-law of former UK prime minister Tony Blair, Lauren Booth, British journalist Yvonne Ridley, British Jewish journalist Alan Hart and many more have been associated with Press TV. According to Alan Hart, the Zionist Lobby is very much scared of Press TV for telling truth to otherwise brainwashed British citizens by the Zionist-controlled media. That’s why they have been running a vicious smear campaign against Press TV.

“Ofcom’s decision to close down Press TV to the British public was a greater blow to the UK government than to the news channel as it revealed London’s “hypocritical stance of being in favor of freedom of expression, freedom of speech,” says George Galloway.

British journalist, TV commentator and author, Afshin Rattansi says on The 4th Media. Watch a video below.

For the first time, British government censors have banned a 24-hour news channel from British viewers – the Press TV, an avowedly anti-imperialist TV channel headquartered in Tehran. And so the war on Iran by Britain, Israel and the US continues using propaganda, proxy militants and asymmetric.

Unlike the US, whose authorities have so often had to get around the first amendment to ban media from Americans, the UK has no law against the abridging of freedom of speech or against “infringing on the freedom of the press”.

Those who have watched Press TV (it is, of course, available on the internet let alone nearly twenty free-to-air satellites) will know that its coverage of international events does not conform to the neoliberal news and current affairs brainwashing paradigm in mainstream newsrooms. It is one of the only TV stations in the world that genuinely gives international news, on a daily basis, covering all continents.

And soon, as British viewers continue to switch off their television sets and boot up their computers, UK governments may realise that it is powerless to ban information getting to the masses.

British ZOG bans Press TV | Rehmat's World