Britons are fed up
Last updated: Friday, March 12, 2009

Recently in England the Convention on Modern Liberty held. British freedom was held in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Glasgow, Cardiff and Manchester among others. A thousand listeners in London heard David Davis speech: "People are growing increasingly angry at government intrusion in their lives." The British government, the continuous invasion of their civil and endless CCTV cameras over Saturday

At the meetings were discussions on the database, anti-terrorism laws and the press. David Davis, he moved last year from the Conservatives to address the issue of civil liberties to fight a by-election, said that the British public to easily and reckless with their freedom and privacy. Helena Kennedy QC said that communities are alienated by the growing abuse of anti-terror laws. "Because there is a climate of fear created, people the government have given a blank check." Take the measure that by March 1 last, is prohibited to take pictures of police and security forces. These services may hand myself to your heart's shooting and all his or her movements and capture.

The two men behind the Convention, Anthony Barnett and Henry Porter, want three things. First, the public awareness of privacy violations, and show that it is not isolated events. Secondly, they will stop this abuse for good. And thirdly, they make very clear that the State is the servant of the citizen and not vice versa.

The convention was even minimal music composer Brian Eno of the lot. He spoke of artistic creativity as a metaphor for freedom. Children's author Philip Pullman focused on traditional morality, interwoven with information theory or cyber tics. The meetings are attended by the left (Billy Bragg) and right, the importance of privacy and civil rights means everything.

In the Netherlands you get this theme for just a room full post. One gets the shoulders and is leaving the cheese eat the bread by using the control freak government. Under the motto 'I have nothing to hide "is the one after the other freedom restricted or prohibited.

The English media dubbed a litany of English formats: This was the news, Weekend Millionaire, Night of the Proms, Dragons Den and Dancing with the stars but to what to call. It is high time that such an initiative as Modern Liberty is over. Worn and promoted by a variety of Dutch would be in the Low Countries can reverse the trend.

Source: Friday speaker


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