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Monday, May 16, 2011
Submitted by Dick R. - Thanks


Dr. Richard Boylan


On January 28 we successfully engaged in a Joint Prayer Exercise to deactivate a very large secret anti-UFO weapons system which the Cabal had placed into orbit, the L-49 pulsed-microwave-beam directed-energy weapons system.

Now, three months later, the Cabal plan to use the Space Shuttle Endeavor, (launch rescheduled to Monday, May 16, 8:56 am EDT/12:56 Greenwich Mean Time/UTC), to place a different Star Wars anti-UFO weapons system into orbit, set to kill.

Shuttle Endeavor’s official mission is to haul a deliberately-mislabeled "Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer" (AMS-02) to the International Space Station and install it. NASA claims that the AMS-02 is a state-of-the-art particle physics detector. In actuality the AMS-02 is an advanced extreme-energy neutral-particle-beam space weapon intended to shoot down Star Visitor craft (UFOs). And instead of the International Space Station, Shuttle Endeavor will deliver the AMS-02 Star Wars weapon to a secret military space station, also in orbit.

The Endeavor is commanded by Captain Mark Kelly (husband of wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords) with a crew of pilot Greg H. Johnson and mission specialists Michael Fincke, Andrew Feustel, Greg Chamitoff, and Italian astronaut Roberto Vittori. There is no indication that Capt. Kelly or four of his five crew members are aware that the AMS-02 is a weapon instead of an innocent science experiment.

But the fifth crew member, Gregory E. Chamitoff, is a Cabal operative infiltrated within the Shuttle crew. And his Cabal assignment is to stay behind on the secret military space station to hook up the AMS-02 weapon system so it is operationally ready to fire. His additional reason for remaining on the military space station is also so that he won’t be killed when the Endeavor is set to explode.

After its two-week mission is over, during which Shuttle Endeavor transfers from the military space station to the International Space Station to deliver supplies there, when Endeavor starts to reenter the atmosphere to return home, the Cabal plan to remotely activate Shuttle equipment they sabotaged to cause the Endeavor to "malfunction" and explode into pieces. The Cabal's reason for destroying the Shuttle is because they don't trust Commander Kelly not to tell his wife afterwards (who has clearance for classified information) that the Shuttle went to the secret military space station and delivered the AMS-02 there. The Cabal is afraid that Gabby Giffords is not sufficiently recovered from bullet-induced brain trauma and thus she might not have the mental control not to tell someone about the AMS at the secret military space station mission. Thus the Cabal feels the "need" to kill the entire crew in order to keep Mark Kelly's mouth shut and thus Gabby’s also. Ruthless? That's the Cabal's middle name.

You are invited to join in a Joint Psychic Exercise to address these problems.

We will focus on one or both of two things. First is to direct telekinetic, electrical-pulse, disruptive-magnetic, and/or other energies to deactivate the AMS-02 neutral-particle-beam weapon and render it inoperative. Thus there will be nothing useful to deliver to the military space station.

Second is to deactivate and neutralize the explosive-potential sabotage within the Endeavor, so that the Shuttle remains intact and returns home safely.
As customary, Star Nations will be joining us in this Joint Psychic Exercise and do their part.

To new participants it is suggested that you get into a quiet meditative state, clear your mind, then focus on the objective, and bring strong intention and will and focused mental visualization to dealing with the objective.

It is suggested to engage in this Joint Psychic Exercise for at least 15 minutes. Some may choose to spend longer.

If you do not feel you are ready to do psychic energy work, you can instead say a prayer for, or you can meditate on a helpful outcome to this situation.