Cannabis: practical tips Friday, June 26, 2009


Cannabis: practical tips

June 26, 2009

There is enormous scientific literature indicates the value of cannabis. Cannabis is a plant that has been interpreted in India as a medicinal and sacred plant. Modern research supports the use of Cannabis in the treatment of chronic (neuropathic) pain and spasms, especially due to MS. Many scientific literature, but few practical tips on how you should use Cannabis. IOCOB them. If you can not smoke (blow), because in the convulsive cough shoot a vaporizer useful. That you can buy through the internet and blow hot air through the marijuana, and the vapor with the active parts in a plastic bag come. Then you inhale, without much irritation of your airways. Or you can choose to tea.

Marijuana tea is often wrongly used, so that the therapeutic effect is limited. There are 5 tips that patients in need to be tips that are normally difficult to find.
The Five Tips

1. The tea should be put in boiling water, the teapot should be well insulated, after a minute draw, a teaspoon of whole milk in the tea made of one quarter teaspoon butter. Good stirring! The whole milk or cream is important for the active pain and spasm-inhibiting substances in the tea by the body to take. Follow this tip is not on, then the inclusion of active substances in the blood much less and the effect is hardly noticeable or even absent. Let the tea about 10 minutes then draw up a tea light. Even better is the tea in a pitje to attract, like soup.

2. Each patient must find the optimal dose. This can be quite different. To determine the optimal dose is important to a full pot with a tea egg in which marijuana leaves or marijuana and pluimpje. Then your first drink on a quiet evening, a cup of tea. If after about 30 minutes still no effect, then drink half your head and store after a half hour head. Until you enjoy a relaxed and slightly strange sensation of warmth or tingling in the body points. If you are in that state, for example listening to music, that music is more intense than usual over. These are signs that enough marijuana tea is drunk. These physical effects associated with the high of marijuana. The pain-relieving spasm and inhibitory effects are usually present before the marijuana-high rise. You need the tea get stronger and their drink, until you notice this slight effects. Then the proper dose achieved. Have you even more, then the marijuana-high in its full form.

3. Never fear when strange effects, there is never someone deceased by a marijuana overdose, relax in what you feel and leave it as it comes. Even as the strange and unknown. The effects always take after a while again! Also feelings of nausea may occur.

4. The medicinal marijuana or marijuana in the coffee shop can be, are fairly to very strong and there is little need in the tea-egg. The marijuana leaves as tea pot in smart shops in Amsterdam are sold, are less strong, and they can use in larger quantities.

5. For a good pain and spasm-reducing effect must be at least three cups of tea per day to drink, sometimes advises people to go to sleep an extra cup to drink, so that the nocturnal spasms also be reduced.

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