[ALERT!] Climate risk Scientist Doctor Simon Atkins on Fox News 25 - Global Coastal Event Risk Through June 5, 2013


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Climate risk Scientist Doctor Simon Atkins was interviewed by Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lemanowicz on Fox 25 news on Friday the 17th of May, 2013


Simon Atkins mentions within the above interview on Fox, that never in recorded history has there been four X-Class solar flares within such a small time span. (You can read more about those recent X-Class solar flares here.)

As a result of such powerful solar flares, there is an energetic output containing such elements as radiation and plasma, which can in turn cause shifts in the tectonic plates on the Earth causing events such as tsunamis. Through Simon Atkins company, Advanced Forecasting Corporation, they have been able to pin point a location which has a heightened risk of a tsunami. That location is in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Within the video on Fox news above, the key threat time window is specified from May the 20th through to June the 5th. But Simon has confirmed to me and also through past interviews he has done, that the 22nd and 23rd of May is most likely the time period for an event or series of events to begin.

The Atlantic earthquake risk zone is in a triangle from Iceland to the Canary Islands to St. Louis, MO (from Charlotte NC in the USA). If there is an earthquake of 6-8+, in this zone, it could ripple out the energy to make the tsunami, even if the earthquake is over the land east of St. Louis, because everything travels under land and water energetically and magnetically.

The Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) has predicted that there is a 100% chance of a strong solar radiation blast toward earth, possibly equalling the Carrington Event.

The UK is setting up a "Space Weather Board" saying that future solar flares could be a large threat to the stability of the country .

The North Atlantic basin has had the largest electromagnetic 'pulse' (since last year) when Simon Atkins started putting the risk scenario together. Because of that, that specific geographic location attracts the magnetic pulses from the sun. That is why they have been concentrating on the North Atlantic and not another ocean.

Dr. Simon Day at the Benfield Greig Hazard Research Centre in London has said not if, but when an Atlantic tsunami occurs. He goes further by talking about a 100% chance of a tidal wave hitting Britain and other areas around the Atlantic. Information from Doctor Simon Day can be found within this article below.

Britain faces tidal wave threat | Mail Online

The median scenario of an event taking place in the North Atlantic would produce a 6-8 Richter scale earthquake causing a 10-40 foot wall of water that could move at 100-200 mph across the Atlantic.

For those wanting to get a detailed summary of the webbots Global Coastal Event prediction, go here.

SOURCE: transients.info: Climate risk Scientist Doctor Simon Atkins on Fox News 25 - Global Coastal Event validation
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Earth's hertz frequency is shifted by incoming strong geomagnetic's, then it affects the mass consciousness too

Additionally, Simon Atkins has provided the following information below around what we should be expecting, if the energy continues to build up to the stage of triggering a large scale event in the Atlantic, and possibly other oceans.

He told me today that if we get another blackout closer to the Canary Islands - Iceland - St. Louis MO triangle (East Coast USA, SW Europe, Eastern Canada, etc.), then that would be the next leading indicator to raise the probability.

In addition, if we get another X-class flare from the sun, that would be a leading indicator.

If we see a large earthquake anywhere in the world, say above 7.5, preferably or an 8, or higher, then that would raise the probability of a tsunami in the North Atlantic.

Lastly, if the Government made a major decision geopolitically, or if the Market dived a lot, or if there was an unusual and notably large chaotic event in society or in industry, that would also be a magnetic 'overcharge'.

Because our brains are electrical and magnetic in nature, and if the Earth's hertz frequency is shifted by incoming strong geomagnetic's, then it affects the mass consciousness too.

In other words, people may make decisions that they wouldn't usually consider because of the influences of the energies from Space and the state of the magnetic energy on Earth. People in power making unusual decisions would therefore draw our attention if we hear about such information in the media.

transients.info: Update from Climate risk Scientist Doctor Simon Atkins from Advanced Forecasting Corporation on the Atlantic event
Doctor Simon Atkins was interviewed on the G2 files on November 19, 2012 by Neil Bigelow. He discusses this prediction I have mentioned above.

The interview can be downloaded by the link below (right click, save as),


Doctor Simon Atkins from Advanced Forecasting Corporation is the person behind this prediction. Simon Atkins has a team of people within his organisation.

This organisation is basically a data forecasting and planetary risk management company. They predict weather, climate change, earth shifts in relation to such events as volcanoes, earthquakes, sink holes, solar flares, cosmic rays, etc.

Simon Atkins started off studying back in the 90's with a Bachelor of Atmospheric Science and went on to complete two Doctorate degrees, one in India and one in the USA. One of these is based on energetics and natural medicine and the other on planetary electro magnetics.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: transients.info: Earth change event predicted in the Atlantic Ocean, 22 May 2013, by Doctor Simon Atkins - More Global Coastal Event validation
Good post. I was just reading about this else where online, at least the message is getting out. Particularly since they just had that earthquake off the coast of Russia.
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