Computer Situation and Questions


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Broke my last computer a few weeks because I tried Ubuntu. In it didn't worked and messed everything else up including Microsoft Windows Vista. Exactly, it still works, but no connection or updates and etc along those lines. This wasn't my 1st time trying Ubuntu, but again my previous time I didn't have a good time either. Know I can't rely on my parents or fraternal twin sister to bail me out with a new computer because this isn't the 1st time that I have done this. Have done Ubuntu 2 times and other times just messed up stuff or etc. Atm the moment I'm using the main computer in the house. Which is also my father's work one. Which I still don't have a clue as to what. Have started researching them, but no luck because of my situation (which I bought up in other posts here).

Believe this is it for now.

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