"Conan O'Brien is about to push the envelope on late night Television"

100th Monkey

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"News stations everywhere put their own unique spin on Conan's same-sex wedding news."

Year right the news is NOT scripted!


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This is the absolute PERFECT video to show people who follow the news. I've been saying the media was controlled, but no one would ever believe me. It's not just a matter of the newscasters have people writing for them, it's ALL coming from the SAME SOURCE!!!! 1 collective group that decides for all what goes out on tv, in newspapers and magazines, radio, etc. This just confirms what I've been telling people.

If the media is NOT controlled, then ask yourself "Why are they all saying the exact same words about the exact same event?". This is nationwide, people!!! Wake the F*** up!

Lady of Light

Of course the media is controlled. It's obvious to anyone who is awake. It is especially obvious to those that don't watch tv on a regular basis. I like how they put it all together like that to show the sleepers. Thanks for posting this 100th Monkey!


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Immunity to this is assured by not watching tv. :) I haven't watched in years and I haven't missed a thing!

With so many real people out there, so much literature still unread, so much of Nature to enjoy on a daily walk/stroll/meander, why would you waste a moment in front of the tv? Magazines are paperized tv. Bin them. You will be amazed how much lighter your life feels when you don't subscribe to either of those two things. Life is placid.


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It's easy to get swept up into other people's lives through the television. Much easier than living our own lives. That's why people tend to fall into the brainwashing trap of the tv. I'm not sure which is worse, news, or series. Reality shows may even be worse than those combined. This is where people TRULY live their lives through other people. They get so enwrapped in the lives of others, it's sickening.