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More than 25 years ago appeared an amazing book in the Netherlands: ´Buitenaardse Beschaving´ (Extraterrestrial Civilization) from Stefan Denaerde. (Known in English as : "UFO contact from planet Iarga")
It describes the confrontation of the author with the race from the planet Jarga (Iarga). It was written as a novel (although it is a true story) and illustrated by a well known Dutch technical illustrator (Rudolf Das).

Sailing with his ship in Dutch waters, Mr. Denaerde (not his real name) bumped into something which was hidden underwater. When he sees someone floating in the water he comes to the rescue of what later appears to be an astronaut. This rescue was a test for him and after the initial shock he gets in contact with the Jargans who invite him for a three day learning session inside their submerged saucer.

Via a 3D screen and a radiation ´head set´ he learns about the Jargan culture, philosophy and technical achievements. Through the concepts of extreme efficiency and justice he is taken to the Jargans love for the Omni-Creativity (our word for ´God´ is too poor) and their striving to be one with it.
This ´carrier field´ of the Universe supports everything (matter, time, consiousnes), and by applying this knowledge it makes interstellar space travel possible.
It appears that the goal of a civilization is to create a socially stable supercivilization. Discriminations of any kind no longer exist. Resources and wealth are available for everyone, but not as a goal as such, but to enable everyone to grow spiritually.

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