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A UFO incident captured on video over Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood in the early evening on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 left an indelible impression in the minds of witnesses. Two observers reported heightened perceptions of psychic contact that occurred later that evening, in dreams and dream-like visions involving what seemed to be telepathic intelligence at work behind the visible operations of non-terrestrial vehicles

During this recent incident, the UFO emitted a pulsating multi-colored display while peaking in visual intensity directly overhead. The event took place during a Skywatch event at approximately 6:45pm PST. This was to be a time when no other south-travelling human or celestial phenomena as bright as Jupiter or Venus were anticipated by online satellite tables . The object’s relatively slow procession as tracked by night vision video also excludes meteors as a potential source of the phenomena.

The mysterious event came as no surprise to local residents familiar with Mount Pleasant as the location of a “UFO Corridor” straddling the city’s east and west sides. A history of reported precognitive dreams that help videographers to anticipate spectacular flyovers of apparent visitors from other dimensions provides substantial background for explorations into the psycho-spiritual signature of authentic contact events.

Flying Saucer Within

The “flying saucer” meme that emerged in western culture during the mid-twentieth century (from the report of pilot Kenneth Arnold who saw unexplained objects in the sky near Mt. Adams, Washington) can be traced through history to the “winged sun” icon of the ancient Near East and via mysticism to the Ajina Cakra yantra of Yoga. The yantra of the Ajina Cakra, a visual representation of the AUM mantra, reveals a disc accompanied by two wing-like tepals, one on either side, located behind the brow ridge in the human head.

Within the context of a yoga physiology that includes such subtle architecture, there is room for speculation regarding the parallel depiction of a “flying saucer” form that is perceived subjectively through intuitive sensing and that form which is documented objectively using scientific instrumentation. As an archetype of collective consciousness, perceptions of “flying saucer” activities offer potential keys to evoking memories and direct perceptions of humanity’s own cosmic nature (as understood within yoga cosmology), via the shared geometry of the “winged sun” icon.

Inclusive Spiritual Hypothesis

A spiritual hypothesis of human encounters with UFO phenomena offers a perspective that acknowledges the role of various agencies, including terrestrial black-budget military vehicles, extraterrestrial vehicles from other civilizations and the consciousness of observers in the production of incidents that can be interpreted as evocations summoning direct recall of humanity’s intrinsic connection to the source of all creation.

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