Credit Crisis: Background information and stay with you (tip)
Monday, March 2, 2009
This is not a nice piece. And that's not the intention. I mean, I write this not for my own fun, or for the fun of the reader. I write because I need to.

Like most Metro Poly readers will know, I am concerned for some time on the crisis. For that reason, I am increasingly deepened. And as I have more floor, my concerns grow. Eventually led to my decision to call it.

A call to all who read this. A call to the content with an open mind to read. Make it penetrate. And to the extent possible to give.

Three years ago I said to my friends: There is a war. A financial war. A war not on a physical battlefield will be fought, but in the trenches of the financial world. How would this war look to see, I did not. But all signs pointing in the direction of a financial battlefield.

And now we have the crisis. At least, it is mentioned. But it is not a crisis. It is a war. It is a war because the objective is the same as that of any war: changing the post-war society.

If you know what those changes which the war set up eyes, then you can predict how the war will be conducted. And what the outcome will be ...

This war is a war against us. Against all the people of the world. Against humanity. The goal is: all people to a central world power. All people relegated to slaves, controlled, monitored and controlled by some power. Literally. A totalitarian world in which all existing perceptions of the concept of dictatorship will fade. That is the goal.


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Re: Credit Crisis: Background information Part 2

PART 2:The means chosen to achieve that goal, is money.

The strategy chosen is the banking system known under the name: Fractional Reserve.

I must uileggen what that means and how this history in this way. There is never talk about. Even people who know economics are not usually how it works. And that's no wonder. It is taken from the training, and education in general.

The story of Fractional Reserve at a glance: *

The first bankers were goldsmiths. People who had indicated that gold deposited by goldsmiths, because they had a safe. At first, people paid a fee. She received a paper which was how much gold they were holding.

At a time some goldsmiths noted that people rarely get their gold came, because they are simply paid to the securities. And if someone came out sometimes, never all at once.

This gave the building (which is now called banks) the possibility of the stored gold to lend at interest. To ensure that they were able to pay every time someone came for gold, they had a cash reserve account.

If a bank beginning in 1000, for example gold (golden) in cash which had belonged to their customers than they were 100 guilders (ie 10%) as a reserve fund. That was enough for the occasional customer who came for gold, to pay.

The rest, 900 guilders, therefore, could be lent at interest. Was there after, for example, a 200 guilders in debt repaid, the bank had 100 golden reserve + 200 guilders redemption and interest in cash. The total reserve was about 300 guilders. Based on a reserve of 10%, could now be 3000-300 = 2700 guilders lending. After the reserve was 400 guilders a year, could guilders in 3600 to securities lent etc.

The total amount of money that the bank balance had increased it exponentially. The share of the initial deposit (owned by the original depositors, which the bank was started) in respect of the deposit of the bank, was always smaller. Until it was negligible. All the money in this way was in circulation was therefore DEBT.

A somewhat dry story perhaps, but it is essential.


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Re: Credit Crisis: Background information Part 3

PART 3:This led to great prosperity of the banks. But each bank gave its own stock from. This led to great diversity and competition between banks. That came to an end by the invention of the Central Bank.

The Central Bank is a Dutch invention. It means that a bank is the monopoly on the issue of security. Early 17th century Netherlands was the first country with a central bank. This gave us the Golden Age, the VOC and great wealth for a small elite.

With the money, the VOC fleet financed by the resources from the colonies could steal. It is a misconception that the Dutch Golden Age with all went well. The opposite is true. Among the population was enormous poverty. So much that many people were forced to muster is to the east to fly. Of all the sailors survived on average only 50% travel. The half was felled by shipwreck, piracy or diseases caused by lack of fresh food. And if they survived, then they were all weak and sick at home. Where they immediately returned to work had to head above water can take.

Because of the enormous wealth of the elite, and their sale sigh, increased product demand and therefore prices, which the people were getting poorer relative. The company consisted of a super rich elite and a large underclass. A middle way was not.

In 1689, after the Dutch English war, William of Orange (William III) the throne of England and the Bank of England confiscation it along the lines of the Dutch Central Bank is established. Also in England produced the same result. The power of the colonial British empire exploded, and the wealth for the few.

Around that time, the first stone laid for the empire of the Rothschild family. This family of goldsmiths lived in Frankfurt in Germany under the name Bauer. They were successful as a money changer and gold depository. The building in Frankfurt had a red shield over the front door. The people knew the case as "Rothschild". The founder Mayer Amchiel Bauer, he had 5 sons all 5 to another place in Europe sent. There was one to France, remained in Germany, there was an England etc. He called his family for Rothschild, to the red shield.

The Roth Childs were smart lazy and did good business. They understand the money business. They understood that knowledge was power. They had over people who provide information. And in 1815 they beat England in their battle.

Lost in 1815, as everyone knows, Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo the British army under the leadership of General Wellington. Because of their good information (there was obviously no radio or telephone) were Rothschild this information earlier than anyone else in England. Subsequently, they direct the false message in circulation that Napoleon would have won and England lost so. Prompt collapsed in the stock market. Everyone wanted his shares and dumped them. That gave Roth the opportunity to Child's virtually the entire British economy to buy against change. Then the next day the real news was announced, the shares rose to unprecedented value. Only now it was almost all in the hands of one family: The Rothschilds

The fact that the overall economic management services, gave them the possibility of a majority interest in the Dutch Central Bank.

Later, the whole concept exported to America, where eventually the central bank in 1913 was transformed into the Federal Reserve, a private central bank management, and a majority of the Rothschilds. This made the government, as in all countries where a private central bank, totally dependent on central bank. In fact from that moment America was governed by the Federal Reserve, the Fed. "


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PART 4:Give me control over the currency of a country, and I don 't care who makes the laws."

Mayer Rothschild Amchiel

Founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty

At this time, the Rothschild family the richest in the world. According to the latest estimates of their wealth is more than half of total wealth in the world. But the main thing is: The Rothschild family is the most powerful in the world.

(Nathan Mayer Rothschild with family painted in 1821 by WA Hobday)

And that power they have for many decades, an increasing extent. If they have the crisis of 1929 initiated and there are richer and more powerful than they were released.

They have both the allies and financed Hitler in the 2nd World War. A war which, like all other wars, aimed at post-war society to change. The idea was: the centralization of military power in America, the creation of Israel and the creation of a world army in the form of the United Nations.

The United Nations has officially aimed to keep the peace and control. Since its establishment, the world has seen 256 armed conflicts. More than all the wars recorded in the entire history of mankind described.

At this moment there are only 3 countries (that matter) not by the Rothschilds dominated central bank: Iran, Libya and North Korea. Until a few years there were 4. What happened with Iraq, we know .... Under Bush, these countries the "axis of evil". Coincidence? Of course not!

China could only join after they adhere to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank were in conformity. For those who wonder who those two institutions dominated ... ... ..

There is a reason why these people are so powerful: they understand that money is an illusion. And we, the people understand that. The system of fractional reserve, they can just as much money as they want. Out of nothing. And the only function is the handle given to everyone and thus the world.

The Rothschilds (and others) have half the world. They want the whole world.

They have first to ensure that everyone is entirely dependent on the illusion of money. And now they will use that illusion to us slaves to degrade.

They have already ensured that the things we really do not see, or be subject to money illusion. If our neighbors are out of their homes because the fault of his neighbor lost his job, and no fault of his mortgage can not pay, we find that pathetic, but we do nothing. We say that the mind and that we give sympathy and "the crisis" the debt. And we do nothing .... Except hope that we do not match.

But we will all need to believe. These 'people' who are not turning their hand to their own interest to initiate wars, and millions of people killed in hunting. For their own wealth of tangible things (palaces, yachts, etc.) and their power. They have us by the balls! (Excuse, but it is so)

If you know, if you know the history and purpose, then it is not difficult to predict the future: I do not know their exact plan. It is not in the newspaper. It is not on television. There are only 5 media companies in the world (including, for example RTL and SBS also belong). All directly or indirectly funded by the Rothschilds. Almost all news agencies in the course of time merged and covered by Reuters. Reuters is owned by the Rothschilds. They are the ones who determine what we as news and therefore regarded as the truth.


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PART 6: But I know their purpose well. They will not rest until they have the whole world. You should not forget that the manipulation of the world, to put their hands in the world, their is ACTION. A craft that they have hundreds of years to increasingly control. A box from father to son for generations passed and perfected. Smart people all day nothing else to do than invent the plans which PART 5: should lead to their total power. People every day from 9 to 5 to think about and hatch their plans. And who use their huge existing power to obtain further power.

These people determine our lives are already in large degree, but if we allow them to fully control our lives.

It will look like this:

First, make every effort to 'leaders' confidence to win (Bos sir, Mr. Obama, save us!). Then they let the economy collapse. People will be massive job losses and their houses be turned off. The whole monetary system will fall. We will continue our leaders for solutions. There will be over crisis cabinets are formed, which opposition will not actually exist. The emergency will be declared by governments "temporary" total power, and the rights of all citizens frozen. Because there are literally no more money is, all people are called to work on the recovery. By food. Those who do not cooperate will not eat.


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PART 6: There will be stands out. That is the intention. To "maintain peace", the armies and police forces of the countries are aggregated into a world army. Dissidents will disappear in camps or worse. The 'leaders' will to create that "no other choice." It will argue that our own interests and our differences aside to do and that we must all contribute to the recovery of the world in these harsh times.

Anyone who lost his house will be housed in "temporary" care / work.

Unfortunately, this situation would never change. Orwell's 1984 it will fade. But this is real! And it is so close, there will be only 2 classes are: A super rich, super powerful and super small elite. And slaves.

What to do: First, we realize that we have become victims of an illusion. A carefully constructed illusion. The illusion of money. As long as we continue to believe they can do everything with us. Allow to penetrate and you wake up! Money is (the way it is organized) is an illusion! Nothing more. The only thing real is the concern and love for your family and loved ones, and yourself. The only thing we have to do is say NO. And to each other.

1-We are not our houses because we are not to blame for this crisis.

2-We will not mobilize in a war against ourselves.

3-We will not provoke them to revolt thus the justification to allow the army to send us.

4-We do not believe more of what the (controlled) media to hear.

We remain where we are ALL good seat. We are ONLY for our family and loved ones as we make the mortgage can no longer pay off our debt. If we do, there is no police or army large enough to change it. Then, this handful of power seekers completely empty-handed.

And then we can work towards a fair system. A system that is the servant of humanity, instead of serving a few unscrupulous rulers. The only thing that is needed is awareness.

The understanding that money is an illusion. The insight that illusion as the only and ultimate aim: total enslavement of you and me and everyone.

Wake up and make sure everyone around you is awake. Do the research as long as it can. Check to convince yourself, everything I wrote. The life of your children, the life of your loved ones and life depends on yourself. And do it NOW. It can literally go wrong every day. And it is too late.

See the documentary "The Money Masters" on Google video if you want more info.
Whether the short film "Money as Debt" for a first insight and 47 of the best spent minutes of your life.

Source: Metro poly


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