Dan Rather reveils how Corporate Media 'Is In Bed With' Washington

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Dan Rather: Corporate Media 'Is In Bed With' Washington

I have worked in corporate radio since 1977. I have seen the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) change the rules that media corporations could only own 3 of four media outlets, Newspaper, AM & FM Radio, and Television in any single city. Currently there are only 6 corporations controlling 95% of the media outlets. And an owner/corporation can own 4 radio stations and a TV station and a newspaper, there for being able to enable 6 corporations to own 95% if the media....

I was trying to find out when these regulations changed but am not finding the exact year ....over 10 yeas ago is my recollection. And it was not anything that was voted on or anything that I/we could have had a voice in...when it happened I felt very violated and had no say...

I have known of this for years...I have spoken of this from time to time briefly during my 2+years at Avalon...

I grew up watching Walter Cronkite and David Brinkley as my "trusted" newscasters. I loved Walter and he produced educational films that we watched in school on many topics, such as history and science.

Then came along Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings...since then I have no idea who the "top" news casters in the USA are because I turned off the main stream media news in 1993. (even though I am a radio journalist...I turned to the internet for my research and my news).

The below Dan Rather information came to my attention today... I know many here already know a lot of how main stream media is manipulated by the PTW however I had not know that Dan Rather has been speaking out on this since 2005 when he was let go at CBS after being an anchor of the CBS Evening News for 24 years because of his instance to report the news as he researched it....

Really powerful information...that I already knew however until today did not realize that Dan Rather has been speaking out about it since 2005...


Daniel Irvin "Dan" Rather, Jr. is an American journalist and the former news anchor for the CBS Evening News. He is now managing editor and anchor of the television news magazine Dan Rather Reports on the cable channel AXS TV
Born: October 31, 1931 (age 81)

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