David Icke - Message for the Uniforms and the Dark Suits


This video is from David Icke's website. I hope that any Uniform persons viewing this website get it's message.

Here is the words from this video:
This is a point I think is very important to stress to those in uniform and to those in dark suites in government who are serving this system while not actually instigating their serving. YOU HAVE NO POWER!

I don't care if you’re in the military, I don't care how many stars on you uniform, I don't care what level of the police force you’re in, I don't care if you’re doing road blocks, I don't care if you pulling people off the streets, I don't care what you are doing! YOU HAVE NO POWER! YOUR UNIFORM HAS THE POWER!

Take your uniform off put it in the wardrobe, where's is your power? Go and get another job without that uniform where's is your power? YOU HAVE NO POWER!

You are employed to animate that uniform, which is an extension of the state, and that’s all you are! Therefore you are expendable, while you give you soul away, while you give mind away, while your morals and decency away, advancing this fascist dictatorship, you will be OK with the fascists you are serving. But your children and your grandchildren have to live the world you are creating and one day you are going to have to understand that and I don't envy you that moment. It’s going to be horrific when it dawns up on you the world that you have actually created.

The people in uniform, the dark suits that administer the system while not being the originators of it, they have to start breaking ranks OK. Get some backbone, open your mind, look at what’s going on, and get some fricken backbone before you administer, impose and enforce a world that will be grotesque for your children and grandchildren, and in fact not even that but for yourself!
Question to police(British,American,Canadian and Australian in particular).How many of you, had a grandfather,who laid down his life in battle to protect his family and ordinary good people,from people like YOU ???
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Thanks, I thought it was good too, David Icke can put things in a way that is so easy to understand. I wish I could do that!!